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The Soskin Family

This information was donated by SAS

My grandfather Isadore Soskin, who was born in Vitebsk. He was the oldest of 11 children. His parents migrated from Belarus to Brooklyn, New York through London when my grandfather was age 11. I will try to get more information about his younger siblings and their families.

Isadore married Mindle Devorah Landau, from Krakow, Poland. They had 4 children, Anne, Sylvia, Daniel and Mel (Moishe.) Sylvia had one child, Richard, who has 2 daughters. Sylvia died at age 34. Anne died recently (2008) at age 96. She had 2 children by her first husband, Marilyn , living in Scottsdale, Arizona who has 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Her son Edward lives in Los Angeles, California and has 3 children. Daniel died, I'm note sure when. He has 2 sons, 1 living in New York and the other living in Zug, Switzerland with his wife and 2 children. My father, Mel Steele, is alive at age 82, living in Florida. He has 3 children by his first wife, Sara (me), Michael and Janet. Michael has a son and 2 grandchildren. Janet has a daughter. Suzanne, Mel's youngest daughter by his second wife, has a daughter. All of Mel's children live in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I will try to get more information about my grandfather's siblings.