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The Shruster Family

This information was donated by GG.

My grandfather, Gershon Lazarevich Shruster, was born on May 5, 1855 in Rezitsa. He was the son of Abraham-Leiser Shruster and Basewa Bash. I believe Abraham-Leiser was a Rabbi. I also believe Abraham-Leiser and Basewa had other children, one of whom was Wulf Shruster, born about 1871 in Rezitsa.

Gershon is said to have been a gifted violinist who won a scholarship to the Moscow Conservatory, but I cannot confirm this. He did, however, marry a young woman who lived in Moscow. I always believed her to be Annetta Goldman, but there is now doubt about her family name. Gershon and Annetta were living in Moscow on June 13, 1886, when their eldest child, Naum, was born. They had another daughter, Elizabeth, but I do not know where she was born. Their third child, Anna Beila (my mother), was born in Rezitsa in 1891. In 1892, the family immigrated to the North America--first the United States, then Canada, then the United States again--where five more children were born.

Very little is mentioned about Gershon Lazarevich. I have a little material,which I gathered through contacts that I made as a result of my posting with jewishgen. The Shrusters appear to have suffered their share of loss in the Holocaust.