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The Shadkin/Schadkin Family

This information was donated by AJ.

My great-grandfather's name was Michel Ruwen Shadkin/Schadkin He was born on May 11, 1892, in 1892 in Vitebsk.

He left Vitebsk and as far as we know, lived in Denmark where he was learned to become a cobbler. This must have been between 1914-16; but no official record has been found.

In 1916, he moved to the south of Sweden where he worked as a cobbler until 1923. Then he settled in Stockholm and started his own cobbler business, He married a Jewish girl from Velish-Smolensk Russia, named Cashja Mariasin.

I have been told that he had a sibling that lived in the USA and that his family in Vitebsk where friends to the Chagall family; but am not sure if this is correct.

He died in 1953.