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The Schulz Family

This information was donated by JG.

My grandmother was from Vitebsk. Her parents were Isaac and Fayga-Riva (maiden name unknown) Shultz. We believe they didn't leave Vitebsk. They had seven children:

Zalmen was drafted into the Russian army and shot "accidentally".
Version 1 of story: He was shot by a fellow army man "accidentally on purpose" because he was in love with the same girl.
Version 2: He was a Bolshevic against the Tzar and was shot while revolting.

Hannah saw him in the hospital and ran home to tell her mother. She ran to the hospital with his pillow, but he died before she got there..

Teddy (married Yetta) - they had two children, I believe both are still alive.

He came to the US with Hannah. They were sponsored by an Aunt Musha(?). They saved money and sent it home so their mother could come, but she wouldn't leave her children. She sent Sophie instead. He died of malnutrition after Hannah got him out of Kings County Mental Institution.

Hannah (or Anna) - my grandmother, married Leopold (Louis) Adler. They had 3 children: Mary (deceased), Pearl (90, living in Florida), Eleanor (80, my mother, living in Florida). I will get more details, I thought I had them. She came to the US, with Teddy. She used to tell about a boy who lived across the way from her apartment. He would show her artwork whenever he had something new. We now believe that was Marc Chagall. Of course we can't verify that but it was amusing.

Sophie (married Morris Zaslowsky)

Teddy and Hannah sent money home for their mother to come to the US, but sent Sophie. Sophie was "sickly", but she made it through Ellis Island anyway, so she may not have been ill after all.

Dinka - not much is known but we think she may have come to the US

Another boy and girl, no details known.