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The Polakoff Family

This information was donated by MP.

The Polakoffs were from Vitebsk, but I don't even know if that means the city or the gubernia. I haven't been able to trace them in Vitebsk. There were 7 brothers and sisters who came to the US in the 1890s and settled in New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Their names were Michael (my husband's grandfather), Michel known as Mike (no one can explain why these two names are so similar), Lena, Morris, Max (known as Martin), Harry, and a sister (no one can remember her name). They were born between about 1876 and 1885 or so. I haven't been able to track them all in the US. Some of the men were in the business of "pleating" meaning that they worked in places that made women's clothing that contained pleats.