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The Peas Family

This information was donated by IG.

My husband's grandmother was Annie Peas (Getzoff). She was born in Vitebsk, on September 3, 1884. She arrived in America in November, 1903. We think that she may have emigrated to the U.S. alone. The only family story that we had heard from my husband' father is that Annie was a Socialist as were most of the Russian emigrants that came here in the early 1900's. She and her husband Michael lived in Brooklyn on Bristol Street, and one day when she was outside sweeping the sidewalk in front of their house a member of the "mafia" attempted to extort "protection money" from her. She chased him away with the broom that was in her hand and they never bothered her again. My husband was 2 years old when she passed away.

I am including a copy of her " Declaration of Intention".