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The Paiken/Rabuchim Family

This information was donated by GR.

My grandparents came from Politsk to the US in 1906. My grandfather's name was Ike Paikin and my grand mother's Chaya( Anna) Rabuchim. There is a Paikin site on the web and photos from my grandfather's family. The father's name was Zavel. He was a Cohen. We do not know whether he and sons survived the revolution and/or WWII. At the time of Ike's coming to America, his father owned several flour mills and a large house in Politsk.

My grandmother Chaya Rabuchim Paikin, had a sister and niece living there. I do not know their last names. I do know that during WWII somehow the women were evacuated and lived to return there. My grandmother sent CARE packages to her sister. The husband and son of her sister stayed in the city and were gassed in the streets by the Nazis. This is the story told to me and my mother by my grandmother My grandmother passed away in early 50's and we never were in contact with them.

The Paikins are related to families that spell the name in other ways. My mother died several years ago and knew the family story better than I. There is a place in Israel with a name similar to Paiken. (There is a village in the Galilee called Pe’kin. There were always Jews there. It has an ancient Synagogue so many tourists go to see it.)