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       Date Last Updated: 18-May-2012

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The Labran/Kalmanoff Family

This information was donated by EO.

My paternal grandparents were: Max and Rose (Goldberg?) LaBran-the capital B was probably added after arriving in New York. They arrived sometime between1904-6. My other Grandmother, also from Vitebsk, was Pauline Kalmanoff. She was married to Hyman Dolnick. They had a son named Harold.

Pauline’s brother was Irving Kalmanoff

Max’s children were Gary and Leo (my Father).

When they came to the United States they joined the Vitebsk benevolent society. My grandparents and parents are buried in plots owned by the society.

My parents met at a Vitebsk card party in the Bronx, New York around 1936 or so. Max Labran appears in a photograph of the members of the Vitebsk Benevolent Association, in the Vitebsk Memorial Book.