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       Date Last Updated: 18-May-2012

Vitebsk Families Stories and Pictures


The Krivoi Family

This information was donated by SH

The family names that we know were are KRIVOI and BEROVSKY/VEROVSKY/VERIKOVSKY. We believe that the family came from the Minsk area, but, as you see, most of the photos were taken in a studio in Vitebsk. I have included the reverse of those pictures, in case anyone knows anything about the photographers and can date the photos. I have also added two others with no obvious provenance, as they seem to be connected and someone might recognize them.

The family came to the UK in the early 1900ís.

The name was changed to CRIVON.

Krivoli 1a

Vitebsk 1b


Vitebsk 2a

Vitebsk 2b


Vitebsk 3a

Vitebsk 3b


Vitebsk 4a

Vitebsk 4b


Vitebsk 5


Vitebsk 6