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The Haskin Family

This information was donated by LH.

My grandfather Nachum Hazkin (now spelt Haskin) was born in Vitebsk in either 1863 or 1865. He married Jane(Shayna Pasha) Levin who was born in Pinsk. He died in 1913, the result of a fall down some stairs. His only job in Australia was as a cutter in the clothing trade for a firm called Slutzkin's who made lingerie.

He then went to Palestine where he lived in Rishon le Zion. Some children were born in Russia and some in Rishon Le Zion. The children were Jacob (Jack), Bella, Joseph, Naomi, Henry (my father born definitely in Rishon le Zion in 1900) and Theo (Theodore) born in Australia.

The family came to Australia on the SS Duke of Buccleuch and landed in Australia on the 12th of December 1900. We have family living in Israel.