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The Dymsjtits Family

This information was donated by HD.

This family took part in political activities in 1905. Vulf, who was then 16 years old, was an active agitator in the bund movement. His younger brother Abram was also an active member.

Vulf took part in a demonstration and was put in jail. A pamphlet was found in his pocket. He and Lejkin were charged with violence against the police officer Rybakov, on September 19, 1904. The Police document (?. 2631, sign. 1, Case 35, sheets 1-1 reverse) stated the following information:

1. This policeman was sent to supervise and maintain law and order at the Boys High School which was situated on the boulevard.
2. Jewish working youth awaited transportation at the boulevard and began to form groups of 30-40, at approximately 11 AM. The policeman suggested that this crowd disperse. The crowd split into two, and then surrounded the policeman. VULJF DYMSJITS, a citizen of Vitesk and SAMUIL LEJKIN, a citizen of the city of Mogiljovs began to beat the policeman on his head and arms with sticks. The policeman blew his whistle and the policeman Zagorskij came to his rescue. The policemen were thrown over the bridge, by the crowd.
3. The crowd shouted 'Hurrah' and stones were thrown at the police.
4. The police managed to arrest the following people (All of them were Jews):
         A. Samuil Lejkin,
         B. Vuljf Dymsjits,
         C. Jankelj Bogorad,
         D. Abram Ejzov
         E. Nokhim Livsjits

They went to the police station and were searched and then the following revolutionary brochure was found in Wulf’s pocket: "Workers Struggle in Russia ', Geneva, 1903, which was published by the Russian Revolutionary Socialist Association, with the following stamp: "Russia's Socialist Workers. Vitebsk Group”

The following information was listed on the police questionnaire form:

• Vuljf Monusov Dymsjits,
• 16 years old, born in the Gubernia Nevelj,
• Faith: Jew,
• Citizenship: Russia
• Status: Citizen
• Military registration: Vitebsk citizen,
• Single,
• Employment: Machine worker/blacksmith
• Permanent residence: the town of Vitebsk, Mogiljovskij bazaar [market], Shalyts house, o n Boljsjaja Mogilevskaja the street.


• Father: Monus Vulfov, (born 1848), son of Vulf (born @1820)
• Mother: Khana Girsjeva, (nee Finkelstein)
• Brother: Abram Manusovitj (born 6/6/1891)
• Parents are permanent residents in Vitebsk.
• Parents economic situation: His parents run a restaurant, and make a small profit.

Vuljf Monusov Dymsjits has not been charged before and has not been abroad. He did not bring the pamphlet in to the country. He is against being arrested.

This was signed by Vuljf Dymsjits.

Vuljf Dymsjits was detained, waiting for clarification of all the facts. The verdict of executive service obligations of the Vitebsk Governor was to keep him in jail for 3 months starting on September 25,1904.

His Father, Vitebsk citizen Monus Vulfov Dymsjits, (permanent residence in Vitebsk, on Boljsjaja Mogilevskaja street, in the house belonging to Girsja Sjapyt), applied to the executive service obligations of the Vitebsk Governor, regarding the release of his son Vuljf Monusov Dymsjits, September 27, 1904.

Application from Vitebsk citizen Monus Vulfov Dymsjits, with permanent residence in 2. Part town of Vitebsk, in Boljsjaja Mogilevskaja street, the house belong to Girsja Sjapyt, to the executive service obligations of Vitebsk Governor, regarding the release of his son Vuljf Monusov Dymsjits. 27. September 1904.

This application stated that Vuljf Dymsjits worked as a: blacksmith in Vitebsk forge – that belonged to Israel Abramov Krubitj,and was the only extra breadwinner in the family.

On November 4, Leikin, Dymsjits and Bogorad were released, in accordance with order # 645 from the Governor. Vuljf younger brother Abram Dymsjits fled to Denmark in 1913. He married Feigel (born Traitlin, in Vitebsk [06/04/1894]).

Here are Abram's military papers, which he brought with him to Denmark, to use for identification:

Military doc

Military doc2

Abram died on 06/10/1939 and Feigel died on 05/06/1974 in Denmark. They had 6 children:

1. Nachom, was born on 09/06/1913, in Vitebsk and died on 09/10/1986 in Copenhagen. He has a daughter in Israel.
2. Hirsch, was born on 05/04/1915 in Copenhagen, Denmark died in 1998 in Copenhagen
3. Rachel, was born on 15/02/1917 in Copenhagen, Denmark and died on 20/10/1991 in Copenhagen
4. Salomon Mordechai, born on 12/11/1918 in Copenhagen died on 21/03/1920 in Copenhagen.
5. Mendel born on 09/02/1922 in Copenhagen and died on 25/10/1992 in Copenhagen. In 1948, Abram son Mendel volunteered to serve in the Israeli Navy. He was the only Dane in the fleet.
6. Magnus Leopold, born on 13/01/1939 in Copenhagen. He now lives in Hoersholm, which is a town north of Copenhagen. He was a member of the Danish Parliament. His wife has sent all of this information.

The following family members remained in Vitebsk: the parents Manus Vulfov Dymsjits and Khana Girsjeva Finkelstein, sister Eta or Enta Dymsjits (born about 1885), brother Zalman-Mordukh Manusovitj Dymsjits (born about 1893), brother Benjamin-they are not sure of the name (born about 1908). The family does not know what happened to them. They did not hear from them after 1918. The family is trying to find out what happened to Vulf. He left Vitebsk after Avram. They believe that he fled to Argentina, South America with Abram’s passport.

Below is a picture of Abram Manusovitj Dymsjits and Feigel Mendeleva Traitlin taken in 1918 in Copenhagen.




Bund Poster

Bund Poster