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       Date Last Updated: 18-May-2012

Vitebsk Families Stories and Pictures


The Chasanoff/Khazanov Family

This information was donated by SR.

My family, the Chasanoff/Khazanov Family, really only has two perhaps three bits of memorabilia from Vitebsk.

1. My Grandfather's passport. I don't think there is anything useful there. The other is

2. The booklet assembled by the Vitebsker Bundt of Workmen's Circle, at a celebration in NY in the 1950's. It has celebratory pictures of the immigrant generation who originated in Vitebsk at the banquet, lots of ads and congratulatory messages (in English and Yiddish), and 2 or 3 older photos from Vitebsk of the original Bundt members around 1905 or so.

A distant cousin Samuel Chotzinoff (born4/7/1889- Vitebsk- died9/2/1944-NYC) wrote a book .about his life. It is called A Lost Paradise,

and begins with his time in Vitebsk. He sister married Yasha Heifetz. They both performed together (he played the piano). He was the announcer for Toscanini's radio broadcasts of the NBC Symphony. It is possible to do a web search for his name.