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The Bugakov/Mogiloevsky Family

This information was donated by PM

My grandfather, Lev Moiseevich Bugakov, was born in Vitebsk in1902, but later moved to Moscow. His father, Moisei, died in 1911, but his mother, Genya, continued to live in Vitebsk, and in 1941 was killed in Vitebsk ghetto. Unfortunately, this is all we know about my great-grandparents.

The only relevant entries In Yad VaShem (the Israeli Holocaust Museum) for Bugakov family are those for Lucia Bugakov (my grandfather's sister), who was killed in Minsk ghetto, and her daughter Masha Bruskina (my mother's cousin), who was publicly hanged by the Nazis in Minsk, in October 1941. We know very little about Genya's life after her husband's death. Genya's maiden name was Scherbakov (Scherbakova in female form), and we know she did remarry after the death of her first husband (and my great-grandfather), Moisei.

The remaining members of the Bugakov family are in Moscow, N. Novgorod, and Germany. My mother, Galina Mogilevsky (born Bugakov), is, thankfully, still alive. She is probably the oldest surviving member of the Bugakov family. My mother was born already in Moscow, and got married to my father, Alexander Mogilevsky, in 1948, 7 years after Genya (apparently, the only member of the Bugakov family who had remained in Vitebsk), perished in the Shoa (Holocaust).