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The Bazerman Family

This information was donated by BP.

My paternal ancestor, Yerucham Dov Ber BAZERMAN, walked with about 12 others, from Vitebsk to Jerusalem in probably the 1860's. He there met, married and had many children with Devorah GOLDSTEIN. He was born about 1825 and died on April 4, 1893, she about 1839 and died on January 7,1921. They had children from possibly 1863 until about 1900. If the birth dates were all correct - Yerucaham fathered his last child at age 75, his wife 61. Both are buried in Luvavacher Cemetery, Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem. Devorah changed the last name to ROZMAN at the birth of their son in about 1863. (The family name of the Israeli descendants is now VARDIMON. By the way, some of the others that came with Yerucham were said to have later established Tel Aviv.