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The Bach/Shatzman Family

This information was donated by MWO.

My maternal grandmother, Millie (Miriam) Bach, nee Shatzman came from Vitebsk Gurbernia I believe. She always mentioned that was where she came from, although she spoke mostly in Yiddish. She was born in 1888 we think and after researching we found she and her brothers and sisters came from Polotsk, which I think is near Vitebsk. My grandmother always used to tell me stories about Russia and how cold it was in the winter; so that the windows completely frosted up and you could stick coins in the frost. She also mentioned that they had to stay in sometimes because they set the dogs on the Jews to attack them.

My grandmother died in l966 but she never spoke about how she arrived in London and we only know she came here in l905. Her father Emanuel (Mendel) and her mother Esther were left behind in Russia. She had a brother called Zalman, and sisters Alice and Fanny. I have tried to research further but have now drawn a blank, and anyone who might have had some information is now dead.

Below is a picture of Grandmother Milly, her sister Alice and brother Zalman.