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       Date Last Updated: 18-May-2012

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The Aleksandr/ Bobrow Family

This information was donated by LiL

My grandmother Alta (nee Bobrow) lived in Vitebsk. I have a studio portrait of Alta with grandfather Chaim, and a small child which we assume was their oldest son, Aleksandr.

There is a ship's manifest of my grandmother Alta, and 8 of the children, dated February, 1914.

Our original family name was Aleskr. The family immigrated to Philadelphia, in 1914. Chaim and two of the boys, Nathan and Rueben were jewelers. All of the original children are now deceased, and only 5 of their children are still alive.

Alta's maiden name was Bobrow and her father had a toy store in Vitebsk.

Alta had a sister, Leah, about whom I know nothing.

Photo of grandparents, Chaim and Alta Aleskr