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This information was donated by VMB.

Many Jews worked in the lumber trade. The Jews were mostly Hasidim, were influenced by Habad, and a bit by the enlightenment. The community slaughterer was very active in organizing the community affairs. He was the only Jew on the city council. Zionism only arrived here in 1917, together with the revolution.

The following information was donated by MG1.

Gorodok is a small town north of Vitebsk in Belarus. There are photographs taken by Zlata Krivichkina from Gorodok of tombstones in the old Jewish cemetery. Her father Mark is head of the remaining Jewish community there. These photographs were taken in August 2008. Many of the tombstones are in a poor state but some can still be read.

MG1 has organized a webpage for this community: MG1ís grandfatherís family (name Bederov) came from the Vitebsk area, especially from Gorodok.