•    VILKAVIŠKIS (in Lithuanian)




Also known as:

Pre-war Vilkovishk, showing old synagogue in background

(Photo courtesy of Yad Vashem)

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Vilkovishk Holocaust Information Resources

Yahzreit (memorial) dates (from

July 27-28, 1941; 3-4 Av

September 24, 1941: 3 Tishri

October 13, 1941: 22 Tishri

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Link to photos from Holocaust Remembrance Day 2011, including new plaques commemorating the former Vilkaviskis Jewish community (click here)


Latitude 54 deg 39', Longitude 23 deg 02'

•148 kilometers (91.2 miles) west of Vilnius (Vilna)

•37 miles (60 km) South west of Kaunas (Kovna)