This website is dedicated to the study of Jewish family in the town of Verkhnedneprovsk, now in Ukraine
but formerly part of the Yekaterinoslav Gubernia of the Russian Empire .

Location : 48 39' N  34 20 E

Other names :Verkhnedneprovsk ( Rus ), Verkhn'odniprovs'k ( Ukr ), Verchnedneprovsk ( Yid )

                          Wierchniednieprowsk ( Pol ), Verkhne-Dnyeprovsk .

 Verkhnedneprovsk :  means place in the Upper Dnepr ( Dnieper ) River
                                              Verkhne - Upper
                                              Dnepr   - name of the river
                                              Ovsk    - suffix -  " belong to "

Nearest Largest City :  Dnipropetrovsk

The city is located at confluence of the Samotkan River into the Dniprodzerzhynsk Reservoir at
the Dnieper River.
Jewish Community

Earliest  known Jewish community : 1806  .The main occupation of the local Jews in the first half
of the 19 th Century was agriculture and animal husbandry . Some were involved in sericulture .
Based on the Tsar decrees of the years 1866-1867 the Jews of  Verkhnedneprovsk could keep of
the land that had previously been in their posess. ( Courtesy of Lo Tishkach )
As per Russian Jewish Encyclopedia  in 1847 there were 265 Jews and reach 2058 in 1897 , peaking
around 4113 in 1910 ( 33.8 % of total population )and only 282 at the start World War 11.( 1939)
There were three synagogues in 1861 . By 1909 there was Talmud-Torah and three Jewish Schools .
The main trading was tailoring .In 1920 was a progrom organized by the Milashko gang .
Rabbis: 1861 Moisei Rubin ,1890 Simcha Guinzburg ,1905 Leib Heifets and 1910 Leiba Girshovich
We are not aware at the moment of any Jewish life .


Monument erected to honour  the victims of the 1943 Massacre by the Nazis ( Courtesy of Yad Vashem )

Massacre Monument


Verkhnedneprovsk Map  courtesy of Mapquest in Ukranian
Map of Pale of Settlement  courtesy of
Ukraine Map courtesy of Google
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