Appendix 1

Partial list of Rabbis who served during the years in Utyan

Till the beginning of the 19th century the names of rabbis who served in Utyan (if there were some) are unknown.

Duber Yofe died in 1823

Avraham-Tsevi Aizenshtat (born in1813 in Byalistok-died in 1865 in Koenigsberg when coming there for curing), grandfather of Leon Rabinovitz-redactor of "HaMelitz"

Binyamin Aizenshtat (1846-1920) son of Avraham-Tsevi, served in Utyan for 52 years till his death.

Avraham-Tsevi Aizenshtat (1871-1939), son of Binyamin, born in Utyan where he served for 19 years till his death

Avraham-Aba Shlomovitz (1852-1906) in 1888 established a "Yeshivah" in Utyan

Tombstone of Rabbi Binyamin Aizenshtat

Rabbi Avraham-Tsevi son of Rabbi Binyamin Aizenshtat

Nakhman Hirshovitz, the last Rabbi of Utyan, murdered by the Lithuanians in 1941

Appendix 2

List of Utyan donors for the "Settlement of Eretz-Yisrael" in 1909

  1. Lifshitz Tsadok
  2. Rubinshtein Dov
  3. Gordon Shimon-Leib
  4. Brener Refael
  5. Katz Yakov
  6. Berkovitz Leib
  7. Matz Alter
  8. Tsin Shaul-Getsl
  9. Gold Shalom-Heshl
  10. Matz Tsevi
  11. Vaininshker Reuven
  12. Goldfain Hayim-Zalman
  13. Shulman Zalman. Kraskin H.
  14. Druk Yehiel-Yosef
  15. Levit Hayim
  16. Bak Mendel
  17. Katz Yisrael
  18. Hayat Dov-Leib, Epshtein Aharon-Yosef, Lifshitz Ben-Zion, Kav Ben-Zion
  19. Kav Yeshaya
  20. Levin Monish-Yitshak
  21. Ulfbelman Shemuel
  22. Kantor Elhanan
  23. Glikman Ben-Zion
  24. Buz Barukh
  25. Shapiro Aba-Leib
  26. Sharfshtein Yosef
  27. Peril Avraham-Dov
  28. Miler Yerakhmiel
  29. Katz Nahum
  30. Shvabsky Aba-David
  31. Shub Avraham-Mosheh
  32. Finkel Yonah
  33. Zak Eliyahu-Avraham
  34. Polavnik Barukh
  35. Hadav David
  36. Meler Mendl
  37. Aizenshtat Meir
  38. Barilsky Hayim-Tsevi
  39. Berlin Ze'ev
  40. Haitovitz Tsevi
  41. Bershtein Shelomoh-Yakov
  42. Lifshitz Shneur-Zalman
  43. Gilinsky Barukh
  44. Katz Mosheh
  45. Shadur Leib
  46. Rufeil Yekutiel
  47. Zurer Hayim-Shelomoh
  48. Bak Betsalel-Nisan
  49. Finkel Shimon
  50. Azur Shimon

Appendix 3

Partial list of personalities born in Utyan

Mordehai Gimpel Yofe (1820-1892), a known rabbi in his generation, one of the first rabbis helping the "Hovevei-Zion" movement. Died in Petakh-Tikvah.

Dov-Aryeh Hayat (1893-?), rabbi in Libau, later in Long-Beach and Boston

Matityahu Utyaner one of the important men of Vilna and one of the most learned men in Lithuania.

David-Nathan Brinker (Bar Yakar), public worker at the "Mizrahi" party in Eretz-Yisrael. Died in 1951 in Jerusalem.

Moris Kantorovitz (1881-1964) for many years member of South-Africa's parliament

Ze'ev Volf Shor (1844-1910), writer and journalist, in the seventies of the19th century he described in the Hebrew newspapers HaMelitz, HaYom, HaShakhar his travels through Africa, India, China, the Philippines and more. From 1888 in America, where he was among the pioneers of the Hebrew press and of the Zionist movement. He was a delegate to the fourth Zionist congress which took place in 1900 in London. He founded in 1889 the Hebrew periodical "Hapisgah" which became the central tribune of the Hebrew literature in America and East-Europe. He published several books. Died in Chicago.

Ya'akov-Meir Lerinman (1847-1929), from 1905 in Eretz-Yisrael, published articles in HaMelitz, HaTsefirah etc. and one book. Died in Yafo.

Reuven Rubinshtein (1891-1967), delegate of the Lithuanian "Seimas", one of the leaders of Lithuanian Jewry, redactor of the largest Yiddish daily newspaper in Lithuania "Di Yiddishe Shtime", in 1940 exiled by the Soviets to Siberia, from 1948 in Israel. Member of the editorial board of the three volumes of "Yahaduth Lita". Died in Tel-Aviv.

Yisrael Hodosh (1908-1972), born in Vilna but as a small boy moved with his parents to Utyan.

From 1934 in Eretz-Yisrael. One of the founders of the Yiddish newspapers in Tel-Aviv "Letste Naies" and "Yidishe Zeitung", from 1956 its redactor. Published in it articles and translations from Russian and French. Died in Tel-Aviv.

Aharon Brestovitsky (1916-1944), wrote articles in different Yiddish periodicals and in the newspaper "Vilner Tog". Perished in the Kloge forced labor camp in Estonia.

Appendix 4

Utyan men who fell in battle during World War II serving in the Red Army and with the Partisans.

  1. Aizen Efraim
  2. Aizen Yitshak
  3. Ozur Feive
  4. Evenshtein Avinoam (IDF)
  5. Bleiman Yitshak
  6. Goldfain Iser Gurvitz
  7. Gulinsky Yitshak
  8. Halbershtam Shimon
  9. Hamburg Zalman
  10. Zar David Zar
  11. Zukher Zalman
  12. Zukher Pesakh
  13. Hadav (?) Nakhum-Leib
  14. Hayat Pesakh
  15. Yakrin Yosef
  16. Lifshitz Shneur
  17. Melamed Naftali
  18. Miler Faivush
  19. Markus Mote
  20. Nates Tsalel
  21. Elsberg Yehudah
  22. Fas Avraham
  23. Finkel Shaye
  24. Katz Shimon
  25. Katz Yitshak
  26. Kacherginsky Mosheh
  27. Kamraz Berl
  28. Renkovitsky Mosheh
  29. Ribnik Reznik
  30. Reznik
  31. Rokhman Leibe
  32. Shokhat Zalman
  33. Shvartz Motel
  34. Motie (son of Barukh Shvok)
  35. Zhurat Pesakh.

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