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Eiffel Bridge

  • Description and History from Wikipedia:

  • History and photos from Wikiwand:

  • Explanations of the unique and interesting rail wheels change at Ungheni Station:

    • From Bessarabia SIG leader, Yefim Kogan- at a 2014

      JewishGen panel discussion:

    • -Ungheni actually was an interesting border town and the train in my time, went from say Kishinev to Bucharest, in Ungheni, they changed the rail because itís a different size of a rail, and they had a crane that they would put a wagon in the air and they would move. I wasnít in Romania, I never crossed the border, because I was not allowed, but my parents went to immigrate to Israel, through Romania and I saw that from far, how that was. It took probably a couple of hours to do it for the whole train.
    • Youtube video: Regauging Train Wheels at Romania-Moldova Border

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