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Modern Ungheni

Name Origin: Two Theories

  • The name, Ungheni, was derived from the Romanian ungher 'corner' or 'nook', which originated due to town’s location in a bend of the River Prut. There is another Ungheni, which is a border town across the river Prut in Romania. It is part of the Iasi metropolitan area and has only a population of some 4,300, while the Ungheni, which is in Moldova today, has a population of some 30,000.
  • Another legend is that the town’s name originated from a story about a boyar, Vasily Lupu, who lived in Untsesti village of Untsesti. When Turks kidnapped his daughter, he organized a rescue which was successful. To honor his daughter’s liberation, Lupu built a tavern in the area. During its construction, workers found a lot of of sheep hooves, which at that time were called ungi (rum unghie ). The tavern was named Hanul Unghiilor, which means Hooves Inn when translated from Romanian. The town’s name eventually became Ungheni.


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