Museum “Jews of Sevastopol. History of Heroism”




Head of Museum program – Boris Gelman
Program’s DOB – 2000
Exposition space – unavailable at present
Number of units – about 400



It’s heroic defences that made Sevastopol famous all over the world.

First, the 349 days defence in the Crimean actions (1854-1855) and a well known defence that lasted 250 days during the World War II. Thousands of Jews served in the ranks of the Russian and Soviet Armies, fighting against enemy. Heroism and great courage of Jewish people and their role in the history of the whole country cannot be denied.

The goals of the Museum are:

· To retain the memory of Jews’ deeds on Sevastopol land for future generation

· To excite feelings of pride for the elder generation; give rise to self reliance

· To reconnect to the Jewish heritage

· To support feeling of adherence to traditions and fathers’ faith

· To display the tragedy of Holocaust in Sevastopol

Thematic structure:


1. The light of Menora in Chersones (the Jewish community in the I cent BC).

2. In Sevastopol fortresses (1854-1855)

3. Sevastopol Jewish Community in XIX –early XX century

4. The Jewish people during revolutionary events (1905-1920).

5. Zionist movement in Sevastopol.

6. The Jews in sailors’ vests (Service in the Black Sea Navy, 1920-1941).

7. On the “burning land”. Defense of Sevastopol in 1941-42.

8. Victorious assault. Liberation of Sevastopol (May, 1944)

9. Holocaust.

10. Revival of Sevastopol.

11. The Jewish people in all key-areas of activity. Heavy industry. Health protection. Science. Arts.

12. The revival of Jewish traditions and culture.

According to the program “Museum” the following books have been published:

“Cannot Sink into Oblivion ” – in memory of Jews who fought for Sevastopol

“On the Burning Land” (Heroes of Soviet Union – the Jews in defence for Sevastopol) .