Matias Stoliar

Mote (Mordkhe) Stolyar [Matias Stoliar] (1886 Tiraspol, Kherson Gubernia - July 24, 1951, Buenos Aires, Argentina)was an Argentinian Jewish journalist and editor in Yiddish. He was one of 11 children born to Arn-Duvid and Nekhoma Stoliar. After Mote was born his family moved to Kishinev and then after pogrom they immigrated to Argentina. Matias Stoliar opened a first Jewish bookstore in Buenos Aires. In 1914 he established first Jewish Newspaper in Argentina - Di Yiddishe Zeitung. From left to right: Rosa Sprinberg, Abraham Levin, Motie Stoliar, Catalina Gitel (Motie's wife), Sito (his eldest son) and Moishe (his second son, standing up). Matias' sister, Catalina, was married to Pedro Sprinberg (Rosa's brother). Motie and Pedro worked together as journalists, and Pedro later moved to Uruguay, founding the first uruguayan newspaper in yiddish in 1933(Uruguaier Tog), and that same year the first yiddish radio program, "La hora cultural israelita" ("the Israelite cultural hour"). Motie was also part of the group of people that brought down the Zwi Migdal. The Zwi Migdal was an organization involved in the trafficking of Jewish women from the shtetls of Eastern Europe for forced prostitution, that operated from the 1860s to 1939, mainly in Argentina. Related Links: Book: Bodies and Souls: The Tragic Plight of Three Jewish Women Forced into into Prostitution in the Americas By Isabel Vincent Article in JTA Crowds Attend Funeral of Matias Stoliar in Buenos Aires; Israel Minister Makes Eulogy dated July 30, 1951
source: http://www.jearc.info/ Photo and some additional information about Motie provided by Miguel Goldfeld, Rosa and Abraham Levin's great grandson.