Appendix 1

A Partial List of Rabbis who officiated in Telz.

Ze'ev-Volf Lipkin (father of Yisrael Salanter), in Telz 1835-1858 (the year of his death).

Yosef Rozin (Reizin), in Telz 1864-1873, died in 1885 in Slonim.

Yehoshua Heler (1814-1880), in Telz 1876-1880.

Eliezer Gordon (1840-1910), from 1874 in Telz, from 1884 headmaster of the "Yeshivah".

Yosef-Leib Blokh (1849-1930), since 1884 headmaster of the "Yeshivah", from 1911 Rabbi of Telz.

Avraham-Yitskhak Blokh (son of Yosef -Leib) (1891-1941), from 1930 Rabbi of Telz and spiritual leader of the "Yeshivah", member of "Moetseth Gedolei HaTorah" (Council of Leading Rabbis), leader of "Agudath Yisrael" and active in the "Yavneh" chain. Murdered on the 15th of July 1941.


Appendix 2

A partial random list of Rabbis who studied at Telz "Yeshivah" and their ultimate place of appointment.

Avraham-Eliyahu Regensburg-Chicago; Yom Tov Lipman Levin-Brooklyn; Yitskhak Lax- Bronx; Shimon Grosbein-Brooklyn; Moshe Shatskes- headmaster at the "Yeshivah University" in New-York; Nekhemiah Robinson- Chicago; Yosef David Fein-Portland; Eliezer Pupko- Philadelphia; Dov Revel-headmaster of the Yitskhak-Elkhanan Yeshivah in New-York; Moshe Ze'ev Cohen-Chicago; Yisrael Lev-Trenton, USA; Barukh Rabinovitz Chicago; Yitskhak Izik Fridman-Nakhlath Yitskhak, Israel; Eliezer Pshedmesky-Bronx; Moshe Shimon Zivitz-Pitsburg; Moshe Khayim Mirvis-Capetown, S.A.


Appendix 3

A partial list of personalities born in Telz

A.L.Esterman (1859-1944), graduate of Berlin University, active Zionist together with Dr.Leo Motskin, Shmeriyahu Levin and others, later judge in Tel-Aviv.

Ben-Shemuel Melamed (1869-?), one of the Zionist activists in Germany, established the "Young Yisrael' movement in Germany together with Dr.Leo Motskin.

Yehudah Zilbert, Rabbi in Novgorod -Russia for 37 years.

Yisrael-Aba Tsitron-Kitroni , member of the "Va'ad Leumi" and one of activists of the"Mizrakhi" party in Eretz-Yisrael, wrote articles on "Halakha" issues.

Avraham Zusman (1831-1915), lived in Jerusalem from 1856, one of the founders of the first public library in town and among the establishers of the newspaper "Ariel" which in 1877 united with "HaKhavatseleth", died in Jerusalem.

Moshe Krein (1892-1933), from 1920 in Johannesburg S.A., editor of the newspaper "Dos Neie Vort" (The New Word), wrote poems and articles, from 1930 high official of the Foreign Trade Ministry in Moscow, died in Berlin.

Ya'akov Rabinovitz (1909-?), journalist, secretary of the Z"S (Zionist Socialist) party in Lithuania, was imprisoned in Kovno ghetto, from 1948 in Montreal, published articles at "Dos Vort" Kovno, "Afrikaner Yiddishe Tseitung", "Canader Odler" etc.

Avraham-Aba Verner (1837-1911), Rabbi in Finland until 1891, later Rabbi for 20 years in London.

Yisrael Aharoni (Aharonovitz) (1882-1946), from 1901 in Eretz-Yisrael, pioneer of research of fauna of Eretz-Yisrael and neighbouring countries, established the Zoological Museum at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, lecturer on Zoology at the University.

Berl Cohen (1911-1993), general secretary of the Z"S party in Lithuania, deputy editor of the Yiddish daily "Dos Vort" in Kovno. In the years 1941-1943 was imprisoned in Kovno ghetto and survived thanks to a Lithuania peasant who saved him. In 1950 immigrated to America and settled in Brooklyn, published several books in Yiddish, among them the extended book "Shtet, Shtetlakh un dorfishe Yishuvim in Lite bis 1918" (Cities, towns and villages in Lithuania until 1918), NY 1992.

Appendix 4

A partial list of the educational staff at the "Yeshivah"

Meir Atlas (1848-1925)

Shimon Shkop, teacher in Telz 1884-1902

Khayim Shalom Tuviyah Rabinovitz , teacher in Telz 1900-1931

Eliyahu Meir Blokh (1894-1955), teacher in Telz till 1940 when went to America for collecting money for the Yeshivah, partner in establishing the Telz Yeshivah in Cleveland

Azriel Rabinovitz, teacher since 1931, murdered in the Holocaust

Yisrael Ordman, teacher, murdered in the Holocaust

Mordekhai Rabinovitz, teacher

Yehudah Leib Khasman (1869-1936), since 1896 spiritual director at the Yeshivah, since 1927 spiritual director at Khevron Yeshivah, died in Jerusalem

Pinkhas Moshe Gordon, spiritual director

Zalman Blokh (1886-1941), since 1924 spiritual director

Ya'akov Katz, spiritual director 1903-1908

Shemuel Fondiler, "Mashgiakh" (inspector), murdered in the Holocaust

Moshe Olshvang (1902-1941), inspector, murdered in the Holocaust


Appendix 5

Partial list of correspondents who wrote in the Hebrew newspapers of the 19 th century

"HaMeilitz": Avraham Dimant, Ze'ev Holtsberg, Khanah Levin, Shelomoh Fridman, Yehoshua-Heshl Kalman

"HaMagid": Eliezer Benyamin Dobkin, Yitskhak Markus, Meir Brik, Eidl Gordon

"HaTsefirah": Khayim Aharonson, Barukh Margalioth, Eliezer Benyamin Dobkin

"HaCarmel": Avraham Simkhah Mapu, Meir Eliyahu Shapira

Appendix 6

List of the teachers of the Hebrew "Yavneh" high school in Telz during all the years of its existence. ( * ) murdered in the Holocaust

Rabbi Dr.Borer *, Shapoznikov *, Mrs. G.R.Broide, Rabbi Khayim Kron *, Rabbi Yitskhak Shmuelovitz *, Mrs. Hindah Rabinovitz *, Mrs. Sarah-Leah Helfan *, Gitah Gutman *, Mrs. Pogramansky, Dr.Imanuel Shereshevsky, Ya'akov Shereshevsky, Yehudah Volgemut, Dr.Eliezer Blokh, Mrs. Axelrod

Appendix 7

List of Telz murdered Jews (taken from "Telz Yizkor Book")

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