Telz, Lithuania


The postcard that was sent from my great uncle Bernard Rosin to my grandfather Stan Rossin (He changed the spelling of his last name).

The artist that drew this postcard of the town center of Telsiai was my great uncle BERNARD (aka Barnett aka Barney aka Ber Leyb) whose legal birthdate was 21 Feb 1883 in Telsiai, Lithuania though a Litvak census shows his birthdate as January 29, 1883. His parents were Meyer (who was a Kaufman) and Schoene (Newmark; aka Jenny). The family emigrated from Litta, when Bernard was about 8 or 9, in Aug 1892 on the Augusta Victoria, through the port of Hamburg, landing at Ellis Island.  He stayed in NYC for the rest of his life.  He became a naturalized US citizen in 1912. He is listed as a bookkeeper on his naturalization papers, and the 1930, 1940 census (residing in Manhattan, NY), and he never married nor had any children.  I know from his naturalization papers that he was 5'6" tall with a dark complexion, black hair and grey eyes. My grandfather was his next older brother William (aka Wulf) who was born 15 Jun 1879 in Telsiai and became an attorney (never practiced) and a successful entrepreneur before his untimely death of a tooth infection at the age of 47.

I did send out a request to a cousin for more information on Uncle Barney but I don't hold out much hope that any more information is available. If I could find a descendant of his sister Annie Meer one of them may have a picture of him as he lived with her much of his life. I did attach our family circle which will show his lineage.


Valerie Hulderman


Bernard Rosin