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                              Other Names

Tarna (Yiddish)

Alternate names Tarnów [Pol], Tarnau [Ger], Tarnov [Rus], Tarniv [Ukr], Tarnuv,Torne, Tornen, Torna

                              Region: Krakow


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Welcome to the Shtetlinks site for Tarnów, Poland.   This site aims to commemorate the Jewish community of Tarnów and the thousands that were wiped out in the Shoah, and to facilitate searching for your Tarnów roots.

Old Jewish Cemetery, Tarnow





First recorded mention of city in 1224



Tarnow gained city rights in 1330


First recorded mention of Jews in Tarnow in mid-1500s.


Jewish population in 1939: approx. 25,000, 50% of the population


Fourth largest Jewish population in Europe in 1939


Warmest city in Poland


First deportations June 1942, to Auschwitz (political prisoners, not Jews)


Tarnow ghetto established sometime after June 1942


Deportations: Belzec, Auschwitz-Birkenau


Ghetto destroyed September 1943. Last 10,000.00 Jewish survivors deported, 7,000 to Auschwitz and 3,000 to Plaszow.  Tarnow then declared “Judenrein” (free of Jews)


After the war, 700 Jews returned to Tarnow but left for Israel when the Polish government offered to transfer them by ship


In 1965, there were 35 Jews in Tarnow


The last Jew in Tarnow died in 1993.


Nearby Bochnia has the longest operating salt mine in Europe – over 700 years


Nickname: "The Banana Belt"



Jewish population

Percentage of Tarnow citizenry












Nearly 50%


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The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland and JewishGen "All Poland Database" is a multiple database search facility, which incorporates all of the following databases:
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Link to site on Muzeum Okregowe w Tarnowie for tour of Tarnow cemetery

Link to book "In the footsteps of the Jews of Tarnow "on site Muzeum Okregowe w Tarnowie in Polish, English and Hebrew for a tour of Tarnow

Two people who have been to Tarnow recently have kindly donated some more photos – click here to view


Link to site on Muzeum Okregowe w Tarnowie (with background music) commemorating the Jews of Tarnow, including articles and some photos


Link to site on Muzeum Okregowe w Tarnowie which seems to be a ceremony, held last year,  commemorating the Tarnow Jews.  If somebody could give me a rough translation to add here, that would be helpful.


Link to site Holocaust Research Project with eyewitness account by Josef Mueller, SS Kommandant of the camps in Krakow regarding the Tarnow ghetto actions.





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