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Compiled by Esther (Herschman) Rechtschafner

Eric Goldsmith, e-mail:

My Grandfather was born in Sveksna on 12th November 1867 and the surname is Pristan or Prisman, first names Movish-Berg Girshovich. I have a document relating to his compulsory military service and an 1874 Census note saying that the family lived at u. (ulitsa) Shvekhshnyanskiy Flat No. 28.

I think the family left for England with my Grandfather leaving first about 1892. I am of course no youngster now but if you have any information at all about this family I would be very grateful to hear from you. My Grandfather’s parents seem to have the first names Lazarus and Hannah and are all described as having been subjects of the Czar of Russia.

I understand that my Great Grandmother and my Grandfather’s remaining brothers and sisters all came over to England and settled here. One of his sisters, named Leah, emigrated to Montreal, Canada where she married but I have no idea of her married name. The names of his others brothers were Harry and David and his sister’s names were Chirie, Betsy, and Dora.

My Grandfather’s English name was Priceman and he settled in Liverpool. He had one daughter, my mother who married and hence my surname Goldsmith. The Priceman family (Prisman in Sveksna!) lived their lives out in Liverpool but I came to Manchester many years ago to pursue my profession and married here in Hale just outside of Manchester.

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