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Press Family

Compiled by Esther (Herschman) Rechtschafner

By Shirley Press, e-mail:

My father Gershon Press was born in Kovno. Sometime during his early childhood his family moved to Sveksna, Lithuania, which is not far from the Baltic Sea. He was raised in Sveksna. He was working in Kovno when the Germans invaded and he was then taken to the ghetto there (Kovno) and then taken to Dachau. His mother Sosha and brothers Mayer, Berl and Welrel were murdered and buried there (Sveksna).

Afterwards he lived in the USA. There was much contrast between his life in Sveksna and in the USA.

Unfortunately, he died in 1970 when I was a teenager and I didn't know much about his wartime experience except that he was taken to a labor camp. His good friend Sam (Sherron), also from Sveksna, survived and I believe lives in Pennsylvania.

Click here to view Chapter 7, recounting my father's background, from a book I have written.

Here are photographs (click on any image for a larger view):

Gershon Press and family before the war.  Gershon Press after the war. 
Gershon Press with his mother Sonja and brothers
Beryl, Mayer and Welrel before the war.

Gershon Press probably at a DP camp with his Dachau shirt on.

The Mass Grave.  Inscription. 
The Mass Grave.

The inscription on the back of the Mass Grave photograph.

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