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Švėkšna in 1910:

Click on either image below to display a full size view. After the full view loads, you can make it even larger by clicking on the image. 
In the large images, look for red boxes with numbers or letters inside identifiying the plots named below. 
Both parts are oriented with north at the top, and Part A is the more northerly view.

This map was drawn in 1910, before the 1925 fire. Afterwards, Švėkšna changed a lot and now it is different. But the main view is similar (the Catholic Church, the Jewish Synagogue and the Lutheran Church are in the same locations). The size of the original map is about 1.70 x 1.80 meters. All plots and their owners are labeled on the original map. There are more than 300 plots. Four of these plots belong to people whose surname was Markus: David Markus, Maier Markus, Mejer Markus (maybe the same as the previous Markus) and Ida Markušovič (she may also have been a Markus).

These images were provided by the courtesy of Monika Žąsytienė.

Part A
 Map of Sveksna in 1910 - Part A.

Legend for Part A of the map (plot names):

   1 - Davidas Markusas (the same plot is marked in Part B as "C")
   2 - Davidas Markusas (the same plot is marked in Part B as "B")
   3 - Mejer Markus (the same plot is marked in Part B as "D")
   4 - Meier Markus (the same plot is marked in Part B as "G")

Also shown in this part are the Jewish Synagogue (upper left) and the house of Monika Žąsytienė (labeled "My House" in a green-bordered box).

The red arrow indicates the direction to Ida Markušovič's two plots, which are visible in Part B (lower left).
Part B
 Map of Sveksna in 1910 - Part B.

Legend for Part B of the map (plot names):

   A - Ida Markušovič
   B - Davidas Markusas
   C - Davidas Markusas
   D - Mejer Markus
   E - Naftal Ziv (maybe Mr. Naphtal Ziv relative?)
   F - Naftal Ziv
   G - Meier Markus
   H - Ida Markušovič (number 311, it isn't clear)
   I - Jewish marketing place "Kromai"

Also shown in this part are the Catholic Church (upper left) and the Lutheran Church (lower left).

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