Trembowla Vital Documents
Henoch Leichtner / Zimet Birth Certificate

Submitted by Isabelle Anvers

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Birth Certificate issued in Trembowla on 18th January 1985.

Name of child: Enoch Leuchtner
Date of Birth: 11 January 1895
Mother's name: Leja Leuchtner

On the second page of the Birth Certificate there is an annotation that the Circumcision was performed on 18th January 1985.

The date of registration of birth and the date of Circumcision are the same as was the tradition. A Jewish son was named on the day of his Circumcision so he could not be registered before that date.

On the second page there also is an annotation that the father Samuel Zimet appeared before the registrar and declared he was the father of the child. 

In most cases Jews in the shtetlach married by religious ceremony only and did not bother to register their marriage with the authorities. The cost of registration of a marriage was very high and, as far as the couple was concerned, they were married in the eyes of the community and God…

A child of such marriage carried the mother's surname and was deemed illegitimate. However, in certain parts of Galicia, and depending on the time period, and the registrar / clerk, if the father acknowledged fatherhood the child would not be listed as illegitimate.

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