Postcard Photos of Trembowla

Panoramic View of Trembowla. c. 1900
On the right side of the river (looking at the screen) one can see Wooden Synagogue.

View of Trembowla. Dated 1901
Right hand corner: Hardware store owned by Markus Plojn .
City-hall tower with clock visible on the left.

Pozdrowienie z Trembowli (greetings from Trembowla)
Panoramic View of Trembowla. c. 1905

Front of the Trembowla Railway Station
Notice the Jew with shtreimel [wide fur hat] standing by the railing.

New Bridge over the Gniezna River. c 1905

New Bridge over the Gniezna River. c 1905

Army Barracks - Jager [Archers] Regiment .
Dated May 1 1908.

Castle Ruins. 1910
The Trembowla Castle, in its present form, was built in 1631 and it is located on an almost inaccessible mountain overlooking the Gniezna River. The original Castle was erected in 1336 on the site of an ancient 11th century city. The castle walls are 4-5 meters thick.

View of Trembowla with Castle. 1910

Trembowla Railway Station Platform. c. 1914

Market scene in the Old City

K. u. K. Feldjagerbataillon No. 32.
K. u. K. Kais.und Königliche [Regal and Imperial]
Infantry? Archers Regiment. c. 1915

Winter scene with Castle. c. 1916

Panoramic View of Trembowla. Dated 1917

Trembowla street scene with visible war damage [WW1].
Dated 1917

Market Scene. Dated 1917

Panoramic View of Trembowla. c. 1930

View of Castle. c 1930

View of Trembowla through Castle gate. 1939

The 2 pictures below were purchased from Avotaynu by Susana Leistner Bloch. The originals are the property of Tomek Wisniewski.

Panoramic View of Trembowla.
Dated 22 August 1902

Panoramic View of Trembowla. Early 1900's

These postcards are part of Tomek Wisniewski's extensive collection:
We are in search of Poland Society"
They are reproduced here with his permission

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