Tarnoruda 1929 Business Directory

Translated by Susana Leistner Bloch

Small town, SkalatCounty, County Court seat: Skalat,
Regional Court: Tarnopol. Population: 571.
Nearest railway station 18 km. distance in Podwoloczyska
Post Office, telephone, telegraph in the Municipal Office.
1 Catholic Church.

Volunteer Fire Brigade

'Fabrics / Fabric Merchants: Gelbard E. – Sass W. –  Weintraub Ch.

Tailors: Schwartz S. – Weismann E. – Weismann I.

Variety Store-Sundries: Czaczka M.

Butchers: Gelbtuch I. – Gelbtuch N.

Leather / Hides: Chusyd H. – Halpern P.

Shoemakers / Cobblers: Major M. – Mielnik W.

Tabacco Products: Schönberg M.

Public Houses / Taverns / Liquor Stores: Sass H.

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