Ostapie 1929 Business Directory

Translated by Susana Leistner Bloch


Village and community,
Powiat (county),
  County Court,
Tarnopol District Court.

2689 Inhabitants

24 km from Railway Station in Chorostków

Post Office, Telegraph and Telephone
in Grzymałów

1 Roman Catolic Church

1 Greek Carholic Church


Veterinarians:   Pajkusz  Z.

Landowners:   Zaleski  Count  Aleks. (1094 & Karolówka  813)

Midwives:   Budnik  K.

Cooperatives:  X Kolko Rolnicze  (Agricutural / Farmers Association)     X „ Z – oda”, Spoldz. Z.o.o

Blacksmiths:  Rudnicki  J.

Threshing Machine Rentals:  Fuchs  G.

Mills:  Pałak  M. & Co.,

Tobacco Products:  Limczyk  N.

Translator’s note: the X before name indicates that it was a Registered Business or Firm. The two commas following the X mean a Registered Association.

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