Faces of Kalaharówka

Submitted by Yonina Matz Lamdan
Photo taken by Anne Tilles and husband Dr. Clarence "Weidy" Weidenthal during their visit to Kalaharówka in 1932.
Anne Tilles Weidenthal is the grandaughter of Yankel and Sheindel Tilles

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Yankel (Yaacov) TILLES
Kalaharówka - 1932

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Yankel (Yaacov) TILLES and Sheindel (Shendel)  HOROWITZ TILLES
TILLES - Kalaharówka - 1932

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Yankel TILLES and son Marcus HOROWITZ a lawyer from Vienna

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Sholom Tilles, Yankel Tilles, Anne Weidenthal, a grandson of Yankel, unnamed young girl.

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