Ellis Island Database - Immigrants from Jazłowiec

Compiled by Susana Leistner Bloch

Note from SLB: From 1892 to 1924, 22 million immigrants and passengers came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York. The ship companies kept passenger lists called “Ship Manifests”. Below is list of people who entered the USA through Ellis Island and listed Wygnanka as their place of residence.

When you find an entry of interest, you can view the passenger record, the photo of the Ship and an actual scan of the Ship's Manifest. The ship manifest gives many details including the family member they joined and their address. It also lists nearest relative left behind in the country of origin. This is a great resource for family historians. It will often show that although the person’s last residence was Wygnanka he/she might have been born somewhere else.
Name Residence Age
Albin, Abraham Jazlowiec, Austria 18
Antler, Clara Jazlowiec, Austria 27
Antler, Israel Jazlowiec, Austria 6
Antler, Milka Jazlowiec, Austria 8
Antler, Sara Jazlowiec, Austria 4
Biller, Freide Jazlowiec 19
Cienirshi, Branislanea Jazlowiec, Austria 21
Cwok, Mikolaj Jazlowiec, Austria 26
Genser, Chaim Jazlowiec, Poland 12
Genser, Fani Jazlowiec, Poland 4
Genser, Hersz Jazlowiec, Poland 10
Genser, Lotti Jazlowiec, Poland 32
Genser, Malim Jazlowiec, Poland 8
Gross, Jochet Jazlowiec 17
Grzysiowski, Jan Jazlowiec 18
Hausner, Limche Jazlowiec 25
Kaluozezyaki, Wladimierz Jazlowiec, Galicia 19
Kloczak, Michal Jazlowiec, Austria 27
Kofler, Fischel Jazlowiec, Austria 44
Kolodziej, Jozef Jazlowiec, Austria 29
Kolodziej, Wlodzimierz Jazlowiec, Austria 17
Krbanski, Julian Jazlowiec, Galicia 23
Krycki, Jan Jazlowiec 22
Kuberti, Chaim Jazlowiec 27
Kurjauski, Nikolaj Jazlowiec 32
Kuziewicz, Grzegorz Jazlowiec, Austria 34
Lukasiewicz, Wiktorya Jazlowiec, Galicia 18
Maciborka, Jan Jazlowiec 35
Marcinkowski, Eugenio Jazlowiec, Austria 18
Maroinkowski, Teofil Jazlowiec, Austria 22
Nurnberg, Hirsch Jazlowiec 43
Schachner, Schifra Jazlowiec, Austria 18
Schneider, Isak Meier Jazlowiec, Austria 50
Schneier, Lea Jazlowiec, Poland 15
Schneier, Moses Jazlowiec, Poland 9
Schneier, Perla Jazlowiec, Poland 38
Skolnik, Sosia Jazlowiec, Poland 51
Sperber, Chancie Jazlowiec, Austria 18
Sperber, Malke Jazlowiec, Austria 20
Szkolnik, Mechel Jazlowiec, Poland 54
Szkolnik, Salamon Jazlowiec, Poland 12
Tatamir, Michal Jazlowiec, Austria 16
Zielinska, Marya Jazlowiec, Austria 18
Zieliuski, Waleryan Jazlowiec 15
Zweifler, Henie Jazlowiec, Austria 18

Credit:  The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., The American Family Immigration History Center

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