Postcard Photos of Czortków

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Overall "aerial" view of Chortkov, dated 1938. The printer was M Fränkel. Submitted by Susana Leistner Bloch.

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Postcard with a nice street scene of Chortkov. The date is obscured by the stamp, but the stamp is from the Austrian Empire (see next). Submitted by Susana Leistner Bloch.

chortkov_05.jpg (61122 bytes)This postcard was submitted by Susana Leistner Bloch who writes as follows. "This is the back of the postcard shown previously. The image is of a crown and the words going around it are 'Kaiserliche - Königliche - Österreichische - Post' and the stamp value is 10 heller. There is a rubber stamp that says: 'Zensurstelle Stanislau' So I assume that mail was censored in those days as the words mean : Sensor Station Stanislau. The postcard has the words: Ulica Mickiewiicza. Ulica means street."
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A post card showing the Chortkov synagogue (1910) and the Palace of the Chortkov Rebbe (1933). Submitted by Simon Kreindler

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Detail of post card showing the Chortkov synagogue (1910). Submitted by Simon Kreindler.

Mickiewicza Street
c. 1910

Panoramic View of Czortków
c. 1930

Bazaar Miejski - Main City Market
c. 1920

District  Court
c. 1910

Aerial view with Castle ruins.
Dated 1901

Czortków Rynek [Marketplace]
c. 1910

Street Scene
c. 1910

These postcards are part of Tomek Wisniewski's extensive collection:
We are in search of Poland Society"
They are reproduced here with his permission

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