The Old West End
the other side of the Maumee River

"As the neighborhoods changed in Lower Town and other sections, one of the most distinctive neighborhoods--the Old West End--emerged as the new enclave of the very well-to-do who profited from industrial growth in the post-Civil War period. Platted in 1866, the area was built up between 1875 and 1915. It was consistently promoted--with considerable accuracy--as a neighborhood of [velvety lawns, shaded streets, and numerous and costly mansions of the rich]."(10)

The Old West End Winthrop Avenue in the 1940s
The Old West End(11) Winthrop Avenue in the 1940s(12)
Winthrop was the street I walked every day to and from Scott High School

Cherry Street with its bridge, and eventually trolley cars was the divide between old and newer Toledo. Modest-income housing developed west of Cherry Street. Here the small Jewish community settled, flourishing for several decades and like a dance, the families moved "round about, back and forth" throughout the various neighborhoods.

Ethnic neighborhoods sprout up close to churches--the Jewish community close to synagogues.

B'Nai Israel Synagogue B'Nai Israel Synagogue Anshei Sfard Synagogue
B'Nai Israel Synagogue(13) B'Nai Israel Classroom Annex(13) Anshei Sfard Synagogue(14)

The first street off Bancroft (N. 12th and Canton Avenue) housed two synagogues--B'nai Israel (conservative) and Anshei Sfard (sefardic-orthodox). Beginning in the 1900's, Jewish immigrants moved into the neighboring streets, venturing further west when times were good, returning when forced by harsh economic times.
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