The Network
A web of family ties

Limited economic opportunities in the old country compelled families to "pull" together --children, parents, grand parents, even aunts and uncles--all living in one dwelling. Privacy was probably scarce, but loneliness was just as rare. Families were there, sharing each other's joys and burdens, while children received love and affection from those around. For many, these warm childhood memories over shadowed the harsh, meager conditions of daily life. As in a covenant, many families and their landsmann (community friends) bonded for life, bringing strong, emotional ties with them to America.The Town Bilke by Isador Reisman

Tradition-- helping one another!

Uncle Julius was the trailblazer of the Reiter family. Stories tell of his talent for designing women's suits and coats, (in the 1930s he was named best designer in Ohio) that set his career on an upward spiral from the time he arrived in America, January 1, 1900. During WW II, Julius designed the first zip-out lined raincoat commissioned by the armed forces.

Immigrant family members in need of work and a place to live turned to Julius for help. Accustomed to living close by, the newcomers started out continuing the pattern. In 1906-07 Julius, his wife Lena Shkolnik and two daughters, Frances (c 1904-?) and Alice (c 1907-?) lived on the East side of Cleveland after spending two years in New York. Julius then brought his oldest brother, Leibish/Louis and family to Cleveland from New York city where they both worked for Max Greenhut, owner of Greenhut and Stotter Cloak Company, a clothing store at 112th and St Clair Streets.Life styles in the 1900s. Also see

In 1908 Julius moved his family to Toledo where he took a position as designer for the Cohn, Friedlander, and Martin Company. Louis and family moved to the city about 1913.

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