Family life takes root


1916 Adolph-Lena--house 420 Beacon St
(1) April 21, 1916 --Sidney Milton Blitzer born
Philip-Chana-Hyman, tailor, 536 E. Woodruff --Louis (tailor)-Millie 536 E. Woodruff and family
Julius, dressmaker, Lena--h#3 (apartment) 1952 Franklin Ave/Woodruff St (hat designer "Adrian" lived there--later known in Hollywood as designer "Adrian" for "Wizard of Oz" and many other films).
Max-Esther Leah Reinstein-children: father Efraim/Frank--Adolph's maternal grandfather
David Zuker-Beile/Bessie, Esther Leah's brother and sister-in-law

Having arrived to this world in 1932, I don't know what life was actually like during 1916-1921, the first years of Lena and Adolph's marriage. I can only outline and highlight the following events of significance, embellished with family stories and my siblings' remembrances.

The first three children were born within this time frame….Sidney, Helen, and Stanford. The families were growing, living close to one another as they moved around. Lena and Adolph lived in five different homes in five years. You might wonder why. One reason is that they may have moved the month before the year's rent came due, enabling them to retrieve the first month's deposit! Many people did this. Or the house became too small as more children came, or they didn't like the house, or they were moving up the economic ladder and wanted to improve their living conditions, even social status… and probably any and/or all of the above.

Sidney, c 1916 Helen, Oct. 25th, 1918 Chana, Fischel, Lena c 1920
Sidney, c 1916 Helen, Oct. 25th, 1918 Chana, Fischel, Lena c 1920

Toledo City directories tell us times were good for tailors of women's suits and coats--there was work. A popular joke speaks of the garment industry's 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and the 5th-no season at all! Called "slack time", many years it lasted longer than the other four.

Refining the city of Toledo

1901- Mudhens established, played at Swayne Field.
1903- Inverness Golf Club established-3 national Championship Opens: 1920-1931, and 1979
1905- Sylvania P. Jermain establishes drive to raise money for doubling the number of city parks
          Walbridge this year which includes the city' Zoo
          Ottawa Park offers the first public golf course
1909- Mudhens at Swayne field--finest minor league ballpark in America
1910- Edward Drummond Libbey provides funds to establish The Toledo Museum of Art
1919- Famous prize fight of the 20th century held at Bay View Park: Jack Dempsey defeats Jesse Willard

Toledo's Theaters c 1920s

(1920-Pictures of Downtown theaters and retail stores)(1)

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