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Adolph Blitzer "On the Run"

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May 24, 1913--Adolph Blitzer, passenger
The Main, a ship owned by the North German Lloyd Company (which made its maiden voyage from Bremen, Germany to New York and then Baltimore April 28, 1900 and last on July 8, 1914) had just docked in Baltimore, Maryland. Avrum/Adolph Blitzer was one of the passengers. He had been sailing in steerage since May 10th, over rough seas, most likely, emigrating from Czernovitz, a city in Bukovina, province of Austria. Adolph's decision to leave Czernovitz was prompted by an event about to take place. The Austrian army conscripted him for WW I.

The Main's manifest describes Adolph:
Blitzer, Adolf, age 24, male, tailor, able to read and write; Nationality Austrian, Race--Hebrew, last permanent residence-Czernovitz, Bukovina (after WW I became northern part of Romania); name and address of nearest relative or friend in country" whence alien came" --Blitzer, Nachim (Adolph's father) 1856-1941; final destination Toledo, Ohio; passage paid by maternal grandfather Efraim Zucker (his mother's maiden name), Reinstein(father's surname); whether in possession of $50, and if less how much--$20; whether going to join a relative or friend and his name and complete address--meeting his uncle, Max Reinstein who lived at, 2418 Vermont Ave; Adolph's height 5' 6", hair black, eyes gray.

The picture shown is Adolph (about age 19) and his younger brother Shabse about 16, (wanted to be a boxer). Message on the reverse side says "greetings from Czernovitz--24/9" (no year). I am guessing it's about 5 years earlier, c1908. Adolph had apprenticed at Fischel Reiter's tailor shop from about the age of 9-14 years, at which time he left, seeking work in a larger city.

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