On the right is an area map and Strzyzow is on the top, directly north of the city of Krosno.Map of Krosno

Photographs from Strzyzow: Past and Present

We've collected a number of photographs of Strzyzow and we hope you enjoy viewing them. If you have one that's especially pertinent, please feel free to send it along (either as a photo or in jpeg format). Please email Jeff Alexander.

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Recent Photos from Margaret Sullivan's trip:

A short while ago I began an email conversation with Strzyzow countryside another descendent of Strzyzow folks........Margaret Sullivan. Margaret wrote me .... "My family is Polish and lived in the small villages outside of Strzyzow in the period before WWII (photo at right). My father, a Pole fled Poland with the remnant of the Polish airforce in 1939.

I have been back to Strzyzow and vicinity a couple of times to learn more about the place that my father knew and Strzyzow market loved and was forced to abandon. I have some photos and material for my own family history. I would be happy to contribute to your website, if you would care to have them.

And so.......here are some photographs from her collection:

And a 1974 map showing various institutions in Strzyzow:

A color postcard of a portion of the modern Rynek (Square) in summer.

View from center of the square;

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WWII War memorial in the square..

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A typical Polish farmstead on the main road from Strzyzow to Rzeszow, dating from the 1930s.

And finally, as we drive from our town.....a view of the countryside just outside, in the vicinity of Glinik
....Thank you, Margaret Sullivan.

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Next, Strzyzow Guzik photographs from a 1986 trip to Strzyzow

from Estelle Guzik,the President of the New York Jewish Genealogical Society. First, a photo of Estelle standing in front of the former home of her great uncle, Mendel Guzik, now used as a dormitory for out-of-town high school students. On the right, 4 photographs of various scenes of Strzyzow. 4 photos

And finally, a town scene showing the streets around the Rynek... also from the 1986 trip....

Strzyzow 1986

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