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Memories from Residents of Strzyzow

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Let me introduce you to a wonderful woman. Her name is Chanale Kraut Kislowicz. She is pictured here at 92 in (where else?) Miami Beach, with her friend of many years, Lillian Scheiner Kramer. Chanale was born in 1902 in New York City. Her mother, Tessie Seidman, had married but was not happy here; so in 1910 Tessie packed up her 3 children and returned to her parents in Strzyzow, where her father, Alter Ezra Seidman, was Dayan (Judge, Assistant Rabbi), and her mother, the daughter of Reb Avrohom Itzhok, ran the family's Bar and Grill. They lived in a large solid ChanalehSeidman
          and Lillian Scheiner Kramer house, with many rooms.

Tessie's father was Alter Ezra "Yicheal" Seidman. Whoever was alive knew him. In the Strzyzow Yizkor Book it is noted that Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra Seidman "was acute and clever...he chanted the prayers during the High Holidays". Life was easier, more familiar in Strzyzow.

Chanale told us the story of her wedding to Itcher Kislowicz: "all of Strzyzow's Jewish population came. We had a Chuppa near the shul, in the open air. Then everyone returned to the house for a party. The in-laws came and stayed for a week to celebrate the wedding. Music played a whole week, Klezmer music". The newly weds moved to Rzeszow, (pronounced "Rayshe" in Yiddish). It wasn't until 1932, when, at the age of 30, she returned to ensure her citizenship, as Itcher was not a US citizen.

Chanale's daughter, Sally, grew up in Rzeszow; and she remembers 3 synagogues. Sally attended public school in Strzyzow; she told us ... "I was a little girl; extremely sensitive; I was from a special family but I wasn't treated that way. I hated the Poles with a passion. We learned to read and write Polish, but I always felt anti-Semitism from the teacher. During the prayer, at the start of the school day, the teacher would look to see who bowed and who did not. Even today that is probably why I am so against in-school prayer. The teachers cautioned girls not to go to Hebrew School, that they would fail in public school. But I went anyway and even starred in a Purim play. My teacher found out and everyone went to look at my report card to see if I would fail, but I received A's".
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Historical and Genealogical Sources

The Census of 1900 showed Strzyzow with a total population of 2008, composed of 992 Jews (Israelisch), 7 Griech. Katholisch and 1007 Rom. Katholisch. Neighboring towns with a large Jewish population included Czudec with a total population of 1214 (410 Jews), Niebylec 687 (343 Jews).

There are few Galician Jewish records still available for Strzyzow....

Has anyone ever gotton anything relating to vital records from Poland ???

The following list of current Galician records was taken from "Jewish Roots in Poland: the wonderful guidebook which includes "Past and Archival Inventories" by Miriam Weiner:

And lastly, if you are searching for Galician Records, don't neglect the wonderful resources of the Jewish Records In Poland! JRIP on JewishGen. The Rzeszow index records are available online already, and someday the smaller towns in the area may be added. Click here to link to the database

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Strzyzow Immigrants to New York 1892-1924

Thanks to Stephen Morse's wonderful Ellis Island Front End, where one can query the Hebrew immigrants by town, It is easy to assemble a list of Hebrew immigrants to Strzyzow. Please remember that there were thousands of other Hebrew immigrants from Strzyzow, at different times, and to different ports of entry; and many names may not appear if the passenger list did not contain "Strzyzow" and "Hebrew" recognizable to the interpreter.

It is fascinating to observe the different spellings of the town and the surnames.

Just as a reminder, Strzyzow was part of the Austrian Empire (imperial crownland of Galicia) from 1776 to 1919; then it became part of Poland where it remains today. This might explain some of the different Map of Galicia nationalities we find below. (I wouldn't take the ages at their listed value either. Keep in mind that there were different tariffs for children).

List of Immigrants

Each entry has SURNAME, first name, Town of last residence, age, year of birth, year of immigration (and some have the added port and steamship)

  1. Appelbaum, Dora; Strzyszow; 17; 1885; 1902
  2. Ascher, Termias; Strzyzow, Austria; 42; 1865; 1907
  3. Banek, Karol; Strzyzow; 37; 1870; 1907
  4. Banek, Karol; Strzyzow; 37; 1870; 1907
  5. Beer, Sische, Strzyzow; --, 1868; 1897; Southampton SS Minerva
  6. Broon, Ida; Strzyrzow, Austria; 25; 1885; 1910
  7. Buchwald, Schlome; Strzyzow; 18; 1881; 1899
  8. Diller, Isac; Strzyszow, Austria; 26; 1884; 1910
  9. Eimer, Samuel,Beile,Chane; Strzynow; 48/47/11; 1851/1852/1888; 1899
  10. Ettinger, Leibisch; Strzyzow, Galicia; 17; 1896; 1913
  11. Fachs,Emilie; Strzyzow;--; 1878;25 Sep 1902;Southampton; CherbourgSS Auguste Victoria
  12. Fanzer, Gittel; Strzyrzow; 58; 1841; 1899
  13. Feingold,Simched; Strzyzow;--;1861 ;21 Dez 1912 ;Cuxhaven; SS Patricia
  14. Feitelbaum,Pancze; Strzyzow;--;1884 ;28 Mai 1899;Boulogne-Sur-Mer; SS Palatia
  15. Friemann,Osias; Strzyzow;--; 1890;1 Sep 1910; Southampton; Cherbourg; SS Amerika
  16. Goldberg, Moses; Strzyzov; 11; 1891; 1902
  17. Goldberg,Sara; Strzyzow;--; 1840;20 Jun 1890; ;Hull ; SS Minerva
  18. Goldreich,Mathilde +israel; Strzyzow;--; 1876;7 Jul 1892; Grimsby ;SS Oldham
  19. Hagel,Moses; Strzyzow;--;1889 ;30 Aug 1906; Cuxhaven; Southampton; Cherbourg; SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria
  20. Hauben, Feiwel &Josef; Strzyrzow; 28/16; 1870/1882; 1898
  21. Hauben,Itte; Strzyzow;--; 1878;6 Nov 1898;SS Patria
  22. Horowitz, Hersch; Strzyzow; 30; 1883; 1913
  23. Kaner, Mendel; Strzyzow, Austria; 20; 1891; 1911
  24. Karpf,Mirel Karpf; Strzyzow;--; ; ; Nordamerika ; Galizien ;SS Edam
  25. Kasser, Mendel; Strzyzow;--;1874 ;16 Nov 1890;SS Suevia
  26. Kesterher, Jacob; Strzyjowo, Austria; 43; 1871; 1914
  27. Kett, Esther+maria; Strzyzow;--; 1885;31 Okt 1901; Milano
  28. Kimmel, Scheindel; Strzyzow;--; 1880;18 Feb 1900;;Boulogne-Sur-Mer; Plymouth;SS Preto
  29. Kirsch,Aron +moses; Strzyzow;--; 1860;9 Feb 1907; SSBatavia
  30. Klein, Brandel; Strzyzow; 19; 1880; 1899
  31. Kleinmann,Lea; Strzyzow;--; 1894;18 Nov 1911; Cuxhaven; ;Patricia
  32. Klimek, Jozef; Strzyszow, Galicia; 30; 1879; 1909
  33. Klisz, Blaze; Strzyzow; 16; 1885; 1901
  34. Klotz, Leib; Strzyzow, Austria; 18; 1889; 1907
  35. Kranzler, Leib; Strzyzow; 55; 1844; 1899
  36. Krauss, Chaje,Sara, elke, liebe,mindel; Strzyzew, Austria; 34/15/9/5/8; 1873; 1907
  37. Kraut,Samuel; Strzyzow;--; 1873;28 Jul 1890; West Hartlepool (Nordamerika Via Liverpool) ;SS British Queen
  38. Kumel, Tente; Strzyzow, Austria; 20; 1887; 1907
  39. Kupferberg, Osias; Strzysow, Austria; 20; 1891; 1911
  40. Landesmann,Samuel; Strzyzow;--; 1892;17 Sep 1910; Southampton; Cherbourg; SS Kaiserin Auguste Victor
  41. Latterbaum, Etel; Strzyzow, Galicia; 17; 1894; 1911
  42. Lichtmann,Malke; Strzyzow;--; 1885;1 Dez 1901;Boulogne; Plymouth; SS Pretoria
  43. Lippel,Chaim +deborah; Strzyzow;--; 1889;17 Nov 1906; Boulogne; Plymouth; SS Pretoria
  44. Loebel, Sima + children Leib, Scheibe; Strzyloze, Austria; 55/11/10; 1854; 190
  45. Maurer, Anna +Leib; Strzyzow; 57/18; 1846; 1903
  46. Meller, Hermann & Simon; Strzyzow; 21.17; 1886; 1907
  47. Meller,Simon +herman; Strzyzow;--; 1892;20 Dez 1908;SS Batavia
  48. Neumann,Hirsch; Strzyzow;--; 1865;26 Feb 1896;SS Taormina
  49. Nirenberg, Salomon; Strzyzow, Galicia; 18; 1895; 1913
  50. Nothmann, Isak; Strzyzow, Austria; 20; 1893; 1913
  51. Pack,Alter; Strzyzow;--; 1863;27 Apr 1893;SS Essen
  52. Rachel,sara; Strzyzow;--;1871; 28 Mai 1899;Boulogne-Sur-Mer;
  53. Rafer,Osias+chaie; Strzyzow;--; 1881;28 Okt 1905Cuxhaven; Dover; Boulogne-Sur-Mer; SS Moltke
  54. Reicher,Samuel ; Strzyzow;--; 1878;15 Jun 1907; Cuxhaven; Boulogne-Sur-Mer; Plymouth;SS Pennsylvania
  55. Rein, Leib + Benjamin, Isak, matel; Strzyzow; 43; 1856; 1899
  56. Rein,Benjamin; Strzyzow;--; 1891;27 Apr 1911; Cuxhaven; Southampton; Cherbourg;SS Amerika
  57. Rubin, Chane + Ruchel; Strzyszow; 18/11; 1884; 1902
  58. Rubinfeld, Dache; Strzyzow, Austria; 17; 1897; 1914
  59. Schapiro,Salomon; Strzyzow;--; 1887; 11 Dez 1904;Dover; Boulogne-Sur-Mer; ;SS Penna
  60. Schiper, Reis...llo + Meilech, Isak; Strzyszon; 27; 1872; 1899
  61. Schwalb,Felix; Strzyzow;--; 1875;3 Nov 1901; Boulogne; Plymouth; SS Patricia
  62. Seidler, hersch; Strzyzow;--;1880;19 Dez 1895. ;SS Sicilia
  63. Silbermann, Blime+Alte, Eidel, Moses, Pearl; Strzyszow; 39/11/6/9/3; 1863; 1902
  64. Smolen, Cuna; Strzyzow, Austria; 17; 1893; 1910
  65. Tänzer, Abram+Dache, mincze,mendel; Strzyzow;--;1893;28 Mai 1899 ;Boulogne-Sur-Mer;SS Palatia
  66. Teitelbaum, Jacob +Mirna +Chana; Strzystow; 18/17/32; 1881; 1899
  67. Teitelbaum,Jacob; Strzyzow;--;1881;28 Mai 1899;Boulogne-Sur-Mer; ;SS Pala
  68. Türk, Isak + Rebecca,wicera,victor, Strzyzow;--;1892 ;26 Jan 1911;Cuxhaven; Southampton; Cherbourg;SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria
  69. Turk, Chaje + Isak; Strzyzew, Gal. West; 18/19; 1896; 1914
  70. Unger, Elias; Strzyzowo, Galicia; 19; 1892; 1911
  71. Weber,Chaje Strzyzow;--; 1882;12 Mai 1899; SS Arabia
  72. Weinberg, Ester & Getzel +ch:Bessie,Breindel,ChaskelLeie,Spruce,Wolf; Strzyzow; 50/50; 1855; 1905
  73. Weinberg, Ester + Schlome; Strzyzow;--; 1855 ;26 Aug 1905;Cuxhaven; Dover; Boulogne; SS Patricia
  74. Weissmann, Taube + children: Eidel, Itte, Rosa; Strzyszow; 44; 1858; 1902
  75. Zucker,Salomon; Strzyzow;--;1860; 17 Jun 1900; SS Phoenicia
  76. Zuckermann,Sara; Strzyzow;--; 1877;18 Feb 1900;Boulogne-Sur-Mer; Plymouth; SS Pretoria

It is relatively easy to query Ellis Island passengers from other towns or by surname, but I suggest you use the Steve Morse’s query at www.jewishgen.org/databases/EIDB . Here are the steps:

. Happy hunting!
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Strzyzow 1891 Business Directory:

The 1891 Galician Business Directory contains only a few listings for Strzyzow. They are:

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Phyllis Kramer: Family Tree

Josef Scheiner

Great Grandfather Josef Scheiner was born in Dubetsk in 1858. Josef married Frieda Necha Kandel circa Frieda Kandel Scheiner 1880 and settled in her shtetl, Strzyzow.

When the shittach was made, Jack Kandel promised his future son-in-law that he would make him the Schochet in Strzyzow. Something went wrong. I never found out what, but the story came down that another son-in-law became the Schochet. A few years later, Josef took his wife and son and emigrated to the United States.

. . . .

Descendancy Chart of Jack and Sara Kandel, of Strzyzow:

---- Frieda Kandel, b. Nov, 1860 Strzyzow, Galicia, d. Oct 15, 1931 NY, NY
---- +Josef Scheiner, b. 1858 Dubiecko, Galicia, m. 1880 Strzyzow, Galicia, d. Jul 02, 1930 224 E 4th St; NYC. The Scheiners settled in NYC where Josef indeed became a schochet. They raised 3 children, Abe, Sam and Sarah. Abe Scheiner

----Rose/Ruchel Kandel, b. 1867, Strzyzow m. Micheal Schimmel,1857Strzyzow--1942 Bronx

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The Furst and Glatt Families

The Glatts of Strzyzow by Martin Becker

The story of the Glatt family began with Eliezer (Leiser-Lejzor) Glatt, who was born in Ulanow, Poland in Furst & Glatt
            Families 1869. Eliezer moved to Strzyzow to marry Sara Fuerst, daughter of Mendel and Devojre Fuerst, bakers in Strzyzow. The couple were married on April 18, 1894. From this union evolved six children, all born in Strzyzow. They were Max; Lotte; Fanny; Bertha; Sally; Sophie; and Moritz Glatt. The whole family moved to Cologne, Germany after the end of World War I. All the children, married or unmarried at the time, eventually moved to Palestine, England or the United States due to the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany during the Hitler period.

As an aside, Eliezer Glatt died in Germany in 1932 and was buried in the Jewish Cemetery of Cologne, Germany. His wife, Sara died in Hadera, Israel in 1948. On or about 1956, their son Moritz had Eliezer's body transferred from Germany to Israel, where it was re-interred next to his wife Sara. They are now together in Kfar Haroe, Israel.

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by Shimon Nitzan, Israel

Last last year I received an email from Shimon Nitzan. Shimon said that his mother, Shoshana Shefler was born in Strzyzow in 1912 and emigrated to Israel in 1932. Shimon recognized her in two photographs on our web page which were taken from the Sefer Strzizhuv. Shimon began his genealogical research recently, but was fortunate enough so many relatives that he was able to hold a reunion for most of the Sheflers who live in Israel. Most of his family came from Strzizhuv, but others came from Jedlicze, Jaslo, Dukla etc. He wrote that Sheflers are found all over the world today: Israel-160; Brazil-30 and Canada, Swiss, Sweden, and Austrian.

Shimon said "during my research I met Simcha Langsam and I talked with his brother Harry Langsam about my family. I created a booklet for the March 2001 "reunion"in Kibutz Sdot Yam.
For additional information, please email Shimon Nitzan

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The Uiberall Family

by Ashwin Maini

The photograph is of the Uiberall Family. It was taken in Rzeszow, Galicia. My great-great-grandparents Leib and Sarah Uiberall, along with their 4 children and spouses on the wedding day of Armin and Henryka in 1891, as I recall: Uiberall Family Left to Right; Henryka Rosenbaum nee Uiberall (sitting) - born Rzeszow 1869; Armin Rosenbaum, originally from Ladomir (Ladomirova); Edward (Elias) Uiberall from Rzeszow; Sarah Uiberall (sitting), originally from Jaroslaw - born 1834; Regina Cohn nee Uiberall (standing centre) born Rzeszow 1857; Leib Uiberall (sitting) from Rzeszow - a leading local businessman/figure, the "paterfamilias", my great-great-grandfather; Hugo Cohn born 1847 Schoffschuetz, Kreis Rosenberg, near Breslau (Wroclaw) - another successful businessman (egg import-export) - my great-grandfather; Dr Jakob Uiberall (Advokat) - lawyer, born 1859 in Rzeszow.

Jakob Uiberall lived in Strzyzow with his family from September 1915. He was a lawyer ("Advokat"). I just realised today why he felt safe in moving his family from the security of Vienna out to Galicia in the middle of the First World War. The Austrian and German Armies had beaten the Russians at the Battle of Gorlice 4 months earlier and forced them 300km eastwards.

For more information, email Ashwin A. Maini, London, England

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GrosKopf from Strzyzow

by Susan Jakubowski

Now here is a wonderful story...in 2008 i received the following email:

Dear Phyllis Kramer,my name is Susan Jakubowski, born 1954 in Katowice, Poland. My grandparents were Nechama Diamont and Joseph Groskopf; they are listed on the residents list in the Strzyzow Yiskor.

Leah (Laja in PSA Birth list of Zloczow) Josef's sister is also listed. Yahalomi Shlomo Diamant from Tel Aviv probably Shlomo Diamant, son of Jakob Diamant? Jakob was the brother of Nechama,my grandmother.

My father had been born as Mordechai Gros(s)kopf, the only child, son of Josef and Nechama (Natalia) Diamant.He adopted the name Jan Jakubowski to survive the holocaust. We lived in Poland till 1957 immigrated then to Israel. Since 1961 we live in Germany, Stuttgart. My father, blessed his memory, passed away this february. Decades ago he tried to find his paternal family members, the Gros(s)kopfs. The only thing he knew about his father, that he had been born in Zloczow, Galicia. Because the early divorce of his parents he had no contact at all to his father's family. His uncle Jakob Diamant had the only existing photo of Josef and Nechama (below). He also knew that there must be a close cousin of Josef Gros(s)kopf in Strzyzow, but after the holocaust no traces of them in that area. I assume, I searched, that a cousin of Josef (Joseph) immigrated with his family to France. Naturalization documents from 1947: Hersch Grosskopf, born 1903 and his wife, maiden name Brauner, born 1903, both born in Strzyzow, son Mordchai (Max???) born 1930 in Przemysl and Sophie, born 1940 in Dinan (France). I am very much interested in the Yizkor book, where the family Diamant (Diamond) is mentioned and later on.I hope to find some more informations about my grandparents. In the Yizkor Harry Langsam mentioned Mendele Gros(s)kopf from Strzyzow and his very last day. Please contact me and let me know, if I am on the right thread.
With best regards Susan Jakubowski

And two months later, the most amazing news from Germany:

Dear Phyllis,incredible but true! Josef Grosskopf, my grandfather married a second time after the divorce of my grandmother Nechama. He married Khaya Saftles, got two sons, Monya 1927 and Shimon 1932. Shimon survived as child in the forests of Zloczow. I got in contact with Shimon and his son last week. He now lives in Israel! We are overwhelmed. He even got a photo of his father, I attach it here. Compare yourself! It is the same person, only ca. 15 years older than in the photo you installed on your homepage. Shimon did not know of the first marriage. He was a child when he lost his family. Amazing!
With best regards Susan Jakubowski

(Just click on Susan's name to email her)

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by Sonja Frank, December 2017

My great-grandparents Gisella Gitel (early photo on right), nee GUZIK and Josef LANDESMAN/TUCHMANN lived in Strzyzów until ca. 1915. gizella guzik 346x771 Their mothers Fanni and Sarah Landesmann (daughters of Mendel Menachem Guzik) were sisters. My great-great-grandfather Mendel Guzik (1870-1942) was the son of Chaim Guzik and Jachet FINKEL. Mendel Guzik and Fanni Landesmann had 6 children, and my great-grandmother Gisella was their 2nd child. Mendel Guzik married once more after the death of his first wife.

My great-grandparents Gisella and Josef Landesmann left their home country during WWII. landsmann1878school report 400x186 Josef is the son of Leib Tuchmann and Sara Rifke Landesmann. They married in Vienna in April 1919. The witness to this marriage was Heinrich Chaim STEINMETZ (1882 Kielnarowa -1942 Lódz Ghetto, son of Samuel Steinmetz and Golda Landsman). Heinrich was Chairman of a reseller company (clothing) and lived in Vienna. Josef was an accountant but could not find a job in Vienna, so he went to his brother Markus Landesmann in Germany and visited his wife in Vienna about every 2nd month.

Gisella’s and Josef’s only daughter Fanni was born in Vienna in September 1920. Fanni managed to escape to England by means of a Domestic Workers' Permit. She first worked as a servant and later as dressmaker. She was able to get her mother Gisela to follow as a cook to England in August 1939. Fanni and Gisella tried hard to find a job as a butler for Josef, but no one wanted to take him. Josef Landesmann/Tuchmann was deported in 1938 and murdered at the Buchenwald concentration camp in 1940.

              landesmann 1929 500x401 My grandmother Fanni Landesmann met Ludwig GROSSMANN in London at Young Austria (Exil-Youth Organisation, 1300 members). They married in 1941, and their daughter Ruth was born in Manchester in 1942. My grandparents Fanni and Ludwig were active in Young Austria in Great Britain, the organisation that took part in the fight against Hitler during WWII and fought for freedom for Austria. The Austrian Centre and Young Austria worked together. Also, my great-grandmother Gisella Landesmann helped these organisations in England, but she did not want to return to Vienna like my grandparents did. Because Gisela had lost her husband and so many other relatives in the Shoa, she did not want to return to Vienna in the first place. She left England for the USA to live with Guzik family members in New York (Brooklyn) from 1949 - 1950. Gisella missed her only grandchild Ruth Grossmann. Finally she returned - as the only survivor of her family's generation - to Vienna where she passed away in October 1967 when I was 4 1/2 years old.

Some information about my family members Landesmann, Steinmetz and Grossmann is published in my Young Austria books (Vienna 2014 and 2015). In my next book I want to tell much more of the stories of family members from Strzyzów, about cousins of my grandmother as well as of other Austrian women in France, Belgium and England who took part in the fight against fascism during WWII. Hopefully it will be published in 2019 - in the year of the 40th anniversary of my grand-aunt Selma Steinmetz' death and the 10th anniversary of my grandmother's death.

With best regards,
With best regards Sonja Frank

(Just click on Sonja's name to email her) ps: My friend Janusz Kasperowicz took some photos in Strzyzow Cemetery this summer. Here are a few: gate 800x534
stones by fence 500x333 stone 1473

This is the Shul which is now a library. libr shul 600x420

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Russ (& Daughters) a New York Success Story March 2014

In 2013 I spoke with Mark Federman, the grandson of the founder of Russ and Daughters, the appetizing store in New York City. What is really amazing is that it still exists and that great granddaughter Nikki is running it!

Mark has written an interesting book about the family and their immigration from Strzyzow.Joel Russ was the founder of the store. He immigrated to New York in 1909 and married Bella Speyer.

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Our trip to Strzyżów.

By Ronel Elul, March 2023

We recently returned from a trip to Poland. Both my wife and I are “Strzyzowers” (our maternal grandmothers were born there) and we were fortunate to be able to spend a few hours visiting Strzyżów.

We were in touch with Marzena Łącka, who has a post elsewhere (under her previous family name). Marzena is actually a descendant of Dr. Patryn, who was a mayor before the War and is mentioned several times in Sefer Strzyzow. She has taken an interest in the history of the former Jewish residents, and in particular emphasized how they were an important part of town life, helping found the gymnasium and sports association, among other things.

She very graciously took our group around and pointed out various sites of Jewish interest. The main Synagogue has already been discussed, and some photos of the outside appear. Below I post some additional photos. The ceiling has been restored and retains the beautiful painting of the Leviathan (perhaps inspired by Psalm 103). Unfortunately the walls have been painted over, as the town could not afford the cost of restoring them. The library also features a small exhibit commemorating the Jewish population.

former synagogue 600x420
Outside of the former town Synagogue.

synagogue ceiling 600x420
Ceiling of the Synagogue.

library 1 400x500

library 2 600x420
These two photos are from the exhibit inside the Library.

Marzena also showed us a few other buildings of note. The following building, which is in the town square, was apparently a “Bais Yaakov” school for girls.

Bais Yaakov 400x500
This building used to be a Bais Yaakov school.

In addition, were interested in the “Kloiz”, which a private study house that was started by Rav Moshe Leib Shapiro (ancestor of the current Strizover Rebbe in Boro Park). It is currently a fire station and the outside can be seen below. There is a vivid description of the disputes between the two sides in Sefer Strzyzow, which endured many generations, and there are also apparently some documents in the National Library in Jerusalem which may add further color.

fire station 400x300
This was the Kloiz, now a fire station.

A short walk led us to this yellow building, where the Mikva was located.

mikva 400x500
The Mikva was here.

We also looked at several houses which might have been the possible residence of my wife’s great-great-grandfather, Reb Baruch Diller.

On our way out of town we also stopped at the “new” graveyard, which is as described by Shimon Nitzan in a previous post.

cemetery plaque 1 400x300

cemetery plaque 2 600x420
Plaques at the entrance to the cemetery.

grave 400x500
The grave of Rabbi Alter Zev Horowitz.

grave 600x420
Some of the gravestones that have been returned to the cemetery.

It was very moving to see the places that were mentioned in Sefer Strzyzow. But also very sad, as there is nothing left of the vibrant community that once was. We would be very happy to hear from anyone interested in Strzyżów, particularly those who have had success in finding more information about relatives who lived there. There are also a number of potential projects that might further help commemorate the Jewish heritage; please get in touch if you would be interested in participating in this.

The best way to reach me is via email: “ronel dot elul at gmail dot com”

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JewishGen Family Finder

Do you have roots in Strzyzow? Would you like to connect with others researching the same community? Go to the JewishGen Family Finder database. There are hundreds of thousands of names and towns being researched. You'll need to register first, but it's free, and it's wonderful...so please try it!

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