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Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine
Walk the Streets of Old Jewish Stanislawow!


If you came to this page directly and have not yet read the explanation of this project, click here for an introduction, and then: Walk the Streets of Old Jewish Stanislawow.



The following detailed town plan was partly drawn from memory and donated to this project, by Joachim Nachbar. Originally, a hand drawn version of this map was created for Mr. Nachbar's book, "Endure, Defy and Remember" pub. 1977 (in the YIVO Library). Subsequently, Mr. Nachbar created the computerized version that you'll see by clicking below.

  • Town Plan - Scroll along, street by street, visually clicking on a street or plaza to obtain pictures and data about life, mostly the Jewish life, of our ancestors.   Choose your method of access to selecting a map section:
  • Click here to view the complete detailed map (WARNING - 290K file), or  from which you can visually select a section of town to search in more detail, or
  • Click on an area in the grid below (Area 7 bringing you the heart of downtown Stanislawow):










Photo Highlights:

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Area 7

Area 7

Area 5 & Area 8


Click here for a comprehensive search by Keyword! We have a database of literally thousands of records of data, including photographs both old new, documenting Jewish life in Stanislawow (Ivano Frankivsk). We are currently working with a database specialist to enable you to view all of this data, including many more Photo Highlights. This function is stil under development. Please send any comments to the web author.


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