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Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine
Walk the Streets of Old Jewish Stanislawow!

You can enter our collection of photographs and data of Stanislawow Jewish life any of three ways:

  1. Scroll our detailed town map, street by street, visually clicking on a street or plaza to obtain pictures and data about life, mostly the Jewish life, of our ancestors. 

  2. Surnames -   Search for family names, and then click to find the street address, with picture (if available). Then, scroll to see pictures of neighboring houses and shops. You can click below a house or shop to find the street on the town map. Then, click on an adjacent street to learn about life in the neighborhood.

  3. Highlights  - Town photographs of general interest, and also by subject. Comprehensive search by keyword.

This data, and the selection of pictures, is both idiosyncratic and happenstance. It covers a variety of years, generations, and sources. Some of the photos are recent, and some are old pre-war shots. The collection was compiled during the course of personal genealogical research. No attempt is made here to try to link families together, but you can contact the provider of source material to try to find matches. In order to help this project grow, please send all of your Stanislawow research details to Denise Azbill, the SIF (Stanislawow -- Ivano Frankivsk Research Coordinator) for inclusion in the database. Remember - even data which you have not been able to link into your own family could be of help to other researchers. All of this is intended to help paint a picture of Jewish life in Stanislawow. Please include full source details, your own name, and permission documents, etc. which Denise will coordinate. Volunteers will be needed to help type up the data into a computer. Written permission may be required for data about living persons, and also previously published material.

Research Coordinator: open volunteer postion

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