Images of Skidel

Skidel Families of Early 1900s


     The pictures below were provided courtesy of Guitl Rabinsztjn Kohan (and her grandson Diego Sercovich) of Cordoba, Argentina. Guitl is the daughter of Chaya Robinovich and David Rabinsztjn of Skidel. Most of the individuals are not yet identified. If you can identify any of the individuals pictured, please email me.

Judische Volkskucke Skidel

(circa 1920s)
Individuals identified include Chaya Rabinovich in black to the left of the tall man holding the pot, Bessie Draznin Reisman in the plaid shawl, and Celia Thrope holding infant son Norman behind Bessie.

Family of Mordechai Rabinovich and Zlotke Sarnatzky

Mordechai and Zlotke sitting, 3 of their 6 children (including Chaya) behind.


Skidel Jewish Library Commission, 1921

David Rabinsztjn, bottom row on the right. Others unidentified.
Photographer: Leibovich.


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