A Refugee's Plea for Help (1887)

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This postcard was mailed to a prospective benefactor in Germany by a rabbi who fled to Skala in order to escape persecution in Russia. The message was written in 1887, when Skala was on the eastern-most border of the Austro-Hungarian empire and it was common for Jews from Russia to seek refuge there. [See “Moishe Froyim Wiesenthal and the Orphan Boys of Skala”].

The text of the message has been translated as follows:
Wohlgebornen Herrn Josef Kahlberg in Uslar, Provinz Hannover, Deutschland
To the well-born Mr. Josef Kahlberg,It is only the most extreme need that forces me once again to beg for your mercy. A poor Rabbinic family that fled from Russia to nearby as a result of the persecution of Jews stands before you and pleads for compassion. God Himself will inscribe you in the Book of Life for this. Since several letters containing money have not reached us, please send via postal money order only.

Respectfully,Rabbi Osias [Yehoshua] Krohn, Skala a/Z [Skala am Zbruch], Galicia

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