Shumsk Yizkor Book


Sefer Zikaron Le-Kedoshe Shumsk was published by former residents of Shumsk in Israel in 1968.  The book is in Hebrew and Yiddish, and includes extraordinary descriptions of the history and daily life of Shumsk, as well as detailed accounts of its destruction.

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Shumsk Yizkor Book project at Jewishgen, coordinated by Rachel Karni.  Thanks to Rachel and dedicated volunteers, a great deal of the Yizkor Book has now been translated into English, with additional translations in process.  The original book can be viewed here in its entirety at thanks to the New York Public Library.

For Hebrew readers: The entire Yiddish portion of the Shumsk yizkor book has been translated into Hebrew by Esther Winschelbaum. The link to the pdf may be found a the bottom of this page ( בעברית )

A facsimile edition of the Shumsk Yizkor Book may be purchased from the Yiddish Book Center by clicking here.

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