Shatters in Ellis Island Database

The following entries were compiled by Ada Green from the wonderful Jewish search page "Searching the Ellis Island Database (EIDB) in One Step" developed by Stephen Morse and Michael Tobias. Names are exactly as spelled in the EIDB. Ada has added a "correction" field and has noted any glaring spelling errors in it. Entries from both Shat/Shaty (Seta) and Siad/Siady (Seda in the Telsiai district of Lithuania) are included because there is no way of distinguishing between the two. While there may be some people listed for Shat who were actually from Siad, such as presumably Hirsch GARBER, there are more people listed for Siad who were from Shat, such as BETTEN (BETEN). Some names from Shatsk in Minsk Guberniya are also included because they too may be from Shat. Ada caught as many oddball spellings and typographical errors for these towns as she could, although there may be more that she doesn't know about. Note also that the Jewish search page developed by Stephen Morse and Michael Tobias is programmed to search only for passengers specifically listed as Hebrew. It will not search for Jewish passengers listed as Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, or even Hebrew abbreviated as "Heb." Thus there may be many other Shatters whose names do not come up with this particular search engine; you will have to search for them using the main Ellis Island search engine. Please send any additions and corrections to Ada Green. The entries that are shaded in grey are presumed to be from Shat (Seta).

Surname First Name Town Year Age Correction
AIDUKOWSKI Mosche Zette, Russia 1910 24y  
ANINO... ... Zot..., Russia 1914 ..y  
ARANAWITZ Leie Sjady, russia 1907 21y  
ARANAWITZ Schuwe Sjady, russia 1907 18y  
BANDER Jankel Czud... 1904 41y  
BEHEN Israel Schad 1904 16y surname should be BETEN; from Shat
BEHEN Persach Schad 1904 12y name should be Pesach BETEN; from Shat
BERGMANN Jakob Sathi 1902 18 y  
BERGMANN Leibisch Shota 1906 41y  
BERSON Chaim Shudy 1904 5y  
BERSON Leie Shudy 1904 1y  
BERSON Rochel Shudy 1904 28y  
BERSON Salmen Shudy 1904 8y  
BERZIN Arnold-Andrey Chitau, Russia 1914 6y  
BETEN Jona Schaty 1901 14y  
BETEN Scholem Schaty 1906 16y  
BETTEN Abraham Schatz, Russia 1907 17y  
BETTEN Chane Sad, Russia 1907 40y  
BETTEN Cipe Sad, Russia 1907 9y  
BETTEN Elje Schatz, Russia 1907 11y  
BETTEW Leiser Siady Russia 1911 17y

BETTEN from Shat?

BIELOGRUDSKY Itte Sida, Russia 1909 19y  
BINDER Leja Siete, Russia 1916 30y  
BIRGER Blume Shady, Kowno 1908 26y  
BIRGER Blume Schady, Kowno 1908 26y  
BIRGER Mere Shady, Kowno 1908 4y  
BIRGER Mere Schady, Kowno 1908 4y  
BIRNEMBAUN Hersch David Yanowo Siede, Russia 1909 45y  
BJELITZKY Aril Sojda 1906 42y  
BJELITZKY Chane Sojda 1906 18y  
BLACHER Dobe Schatz, Russia 1908 20y  
BLJACHER Riwke Schady, Russia 1910 20y  
BLOSTEIN Israel Schaty 1905 25y  
BLUM Schimen Zaikissik 1904 30y born Shat
BOIR Chaje Russia, Sad 1911 24y surname probably BOYER or BOYAR in Shat
BORKONICZ Chone Sida 1899 18y  
BOYER Chane Schaty 1903 24y  
BOYER Jassel Schaty 1903 3y  
BOYER Schie Schaty 1903 2y  
BRANDE Marduch Sida 1903 22y  
BRAUER Berel Siady, Russia 1912 21y  
BRAUER Sarah Siady, Russia 1912 18y  
BREUER Jeno Zsujta 1902 15y  
BREUN Feige Side 1906 20y  
BRICK Ettel Siadi, Lithauen 1921 17y  
BRICK Gerson Siadi, Lithauen 1921 20y  
BRICK Gutta Siadi, Lithauen 1921 52y  
BRODY Hojmann Josef Sjadi, Russia 1912 20y  
BRUKANTZ Scholem Szad, Russia 1913 17y BUKANTZ from Shat?
BUCHMAN Ester Sjady, Russia 1912 18y  
CARASS Benzion Juat... 1905 24y  
CHAJET Selig Schady 1903 30y surname CHAIT in Shat
CHASCHESZ Nipen Schatz 1904 37y  
CHATZKEL Ruwin Schady, Russia 1907 17y  
CHATZRSEL Mine Schady, Russia 1910 18y  
CHAZKELEWITZ Chane Schady, Kowno 1908 33y  
CHINO Chane Sidi 1904 20y  
CHINO Chine Sidi 1904 17y  
CORTNOJ Chaim Chatyu, Russia 1913 26y  
CUREN Sara Szaty 1905 22y surname should be KOREN
CUREN Selig Szaty 1905 11m surname should be KOREN
DEITSCH Gutte Schotz, Russia 1906 16  
DERETSCHOWITZ Chane Sida 1907 30y  
DERETSCHOWITZ Hillel Sida 1907 9y  
DUBENSKY Wolf Cstoe, Russia 1913 39y  
DUBINSKY Chaie Zida, Russia 1908 11y  
DUBINSKY Scheine Zida, Russia 1908 5y  
DUBINSKY Sore Masche Zida, Russia 1908 33y  
DWORCZNISKI Chaim Sida, Russia 1912 18y  
DZIKOP Meische Sida, Russia 1909 37y  
EDELMAN Mincie Chatya, Russia 1910 10y  
EDELMAN Sosie Chatya, Russia 1910 46y  
EDELSTEIN Gerson Schat, Russia 1912 18y  
EISHEROWIK Chaim Slrotz 1902 17y EISHUROVICH from Shat?
EISIKOWITZ Welwel Josel Schaty, Russia 1907 19y  
EPSTEIN Chane Szati 1905 9y  
EPSTEIN David Szati 1905 2y  
FELCZNK Gedalje Sutie, Russia 1912 11m  
FELCZNK Golde Sutie, Russia 1912 9y  
FELCZNK Henie Sutie, Russia 1912 8y  
FELCZNK Malke Sutie, Russia 1912 30y  
FELCZNK Plnie Sutie, Russia 1912 12y  
FERMAWSKI Cenach Siede, Russia 1912 37y  
FINKELSTEIN Abram Jade 1905 23y  
FISCH Abram Schaty, Russia 1912 18y  
FISCHBEIN Morsche Chotie 1904 36y  
FISCHMANN Moritz Zeda 1906 17y  
FOLBE Schimon Schat, Russia 1910 20y  
FOLBE Wolf Shat, Russia 1912 18y  
FRICOLNS... Jaukel Sydo, Russia 1910 19y  
FRIEDMAN Berl Sut, Russia 1912 18y  
FRIEDMANN Fanny Shaty 1902 35  
FUNK Isak Szat, Russia 1913 41y  
FUNK Leib Wulf Szat, Russia 1913 18y  
FUTERMAN Fruma Schati, Russia 1912 20y  
GADIE Rochel Scheine Szaty, Russia 1908 20y  
GADIE Scheine Szat 1901 19y  
GARALNICKI Dwerke Zit, Russia 1913 18y  
GARALNICKI Garendel Zit, Russia 1913 58y  
GARALNICKI Reire Zit, Russia 1913 27y  
GARBER Abraham Siad 1903 35y  
GARBER Chane Siady, Russia 1905 6m  
GARBER David Siady, Russia 1905 2y  
GARBER Feige Siady, Russia 1905 23y  
GARBER Hirsch Szat, Russia 1911 18y

probably from Siady

GELDENBERG Litsche Shotoy 1901 35y  
GILANOWITZ Chaie Schad, Russia 1910 45y  
GILANOWITZ Chaim Schad, Russia 1910 15y  
GILELOWICZ Mere Jiady, Russia 1911 17y  
GILELOWITCH Gola Siady, Lithuan. 1921 19y  
GILELOWITZ Ella Seda, Lithuania 1922 37y  
GILELOWITZ Itzek Seda, Lithuania 1922 12y  
GILELOWITZ Taube Seda, Lithuania 1922 8y  
GINSBRG Mendel Sidd 1904 34y

surname should be GINSBERG

GLADSTON Fanny Chita, Russia 1907 33y  
GLADSTON Georg Chita, Russia 1907 4y  
GLADSTON Klara Chita, Russia 1907 9y  
GLADSTON Sara Chita, Russia 1907 7y  
GLASER Hirsch Siady, Russia 1909 42y  
GLASS Chaim Schad 1904 38y  
GLASS Schabse Schad 1904 27y  
GLICKBERG Nochem Schat, Russia 1913 18y  
GOLD Lesser Czed..., Russia 1911 20y  
GOLD Nathan Zeti... 1907 19y  
GOLDBERG Chaim Rubin Schat, Hungary 1909 38y  
GOLDBERG Israel Schady, Kowno 1908 64y  
GOLDBERG Matel Shady, Kowno 1908 6y  
GOLDBERG Mordche Schaty 1905 16y  
GOLDBERG Mottel Schady, Kowno 1908 6y  
GOLDBERG Rochel Schady, Kowno 1908 60y  
GOLDBERG Solem Hirsch Schat, Hungary 1909 9y 6m  
GOLDBERG Yerael Shady, Kowno 1908 64y  
GOLDBERG Yffe Shady, Kowno 1908 60y  
GOLDMAN Chaje Set, Russia 1907 18y  
GOLDSCHMIDT Meyer Schat 1898 29y  
GORDAN Chaia Schitay, Russia 1913 25y  
GORDAN Rashm... Schitay, Russia 1913 32y  
GORDON Chaie Szat, Russia 1914 5y  
GORDON Jossel Szat, Russia 1914 4y  
GORDON Nusie Szat, Russia 1914 22y  
GORDON Schaje Schaty, Russia 1907 28y  
GREENBLATT Barnie London 1904 19y born Shat
GRINBLATT Herschel   1906   born Shat
GROSS Isidor Abany Szaute 1902 24y  
GROSSMANN Helene N. Leta or Zeta 1906 17y  
GROSSMANN Israel Shoto, Russia 1907 48y  
GROSSMANN Jakob Shi...d 1907 18y  
GROSSMANN Malvine N. Leta or Zeta 1906 16y  
GRUENBAUM Riske Shoid, Rissia 1914 46y  
GRUMBERG Moische Wlodowa Siede, Russia 1910 40y  
GRUNBLATT Hansche Saty, Russia 1912 19y GRINBLATT from Shat
GRUNBLATT Tomare Saty, Russia 1912 17y GRINBLATT from Shat
GULDE Sure Sad, Russia 1911 18y  
GUREWICZ Ouzy Siady, Lithuania 1921 9y  
GUREWICZ Pesche Siady, Lithuania 1921 13y  
GUREWICZ Simen Siady, Lithuania 1921 40y  
GUREWITZ Scholm Sod. 1904 21y  
HEIBLUM Jankel N Soude 1906 19y  
HERR Zorech Sza?at 1905 15y  
HERZBERG Jankel Shad 1905 21y  
HEUKIN Aron Jidy 1907 45y  
HINDLIN Sara Ziedy 1907 19y  
HOCHMANN Samuel Schide, Russia 1914 20y  
HOFFMAN Chaim Schat, Russia 1911 20y  
HOFFMAN Chane Schat, Russia 1911 18y  
HOLSEN Leib 1904 30y  
IMMERBLUM Ida Sutto 1902 26y  
IMMERBLUM Jolan Sutto 1902 4y  
IMMERBLUM Margit Sutto 1902 3y  
ITZKOWITZ Leib Schotz 1903 30y  
ITZKOWITZ Malie Szati 1905 20y  
IWANISKY Reisel Schatz 1906 21y

EVENITZKY from Shat?

JAFFE Frade Sad, Kowno, Russia 1910 22y  
JATWICHI Zelde Sette, Russia 1909 15y  
JAZUDIN Abram Sjady, Russia 1914 25y  
JOFFE Chane Schate, Russia 1913 17y  
JOFFE Fryme Chida, Russia 1911 22y  
JOFFE Golde Chida, Russia 1911 30y  
JOFFE Israil Schadj, Russia 1909 17y  
JOFFE Rachil Chida, Russia 1911 20y  
JOFFE Reine Schaty, Lithauen 1921 54y  
JOFFE Zipora Schatz, Russia 1910 20y  
KAHAN Reiki Schady 1907 20y  
KAHN Jente Sjady, Kowno 1907 55y  
KAHN Moses Szad 1907 26y  
KAILNO Kalmen Schatz, Russia 1908 16y  
KALK Rochel Sjadi, Russia 1910 23y  
KALMANOWSKY Schlime Siede, Russia 1910 38y  
KAMBER Mottel Kowno 1906 17y from Shat
KAN Chane Syd..., Russia 1907 12y  
KANIGSBERG Salaman Jauti 1905 23y  
KAPLAN Gite Zede 1906 17y  
KAPLAN Leiser Schad, Russia 1907 23y  
KAPLAN Sora Saty, Lithuania 1922 21y  
KAPLITZ Chaim Schad 1907 30y  
KARASIK Gnesia Sjadi, Russia 1911 26y  
KARPINSKI Feige Sidi 1904 20y  
KATZ Pesche Schat, Russia 1911 20y  
KATZ Vilmos N. Csath 1904 18y  
KEGAN Jochim Sjady, Russia 1907 17y  
KILLIRNESHER Ferickem Chitiu, Russia 1908 16y  
KIPPEN Mojsche Siete 1904 9m  
KIPPEN Moradel Siete 1904 23y  
KISILJEWICZ Hte/Ruchel Choty, Russia 1908 40y  
KISILJEWICZ Meilech Choty, Russia 1908 10y  
KISILJEWICZ Moische Choty, Russia 1908 43y  
KISILJEWICZ Udsl Choty, Russia 1908 7y  
KISKEL Maria Shaty, Russia 1907 50y  
KLASS Chaie Krakinowo, Russia 1909 18y  born Shat
KLASS Chaie Schady, Russia 1911 4y  
KLASS Schifre Schady, Russia 1911 41y  
KLASS Sore Schady, Russia 1911 16y  
KLASS Zipe Schady, Russia 1911 11y  
KLASS Zire Schady, Russia 1911 8y  
KLEINFELD Giblel Schady 1906 24y  
KLEINFELD Groineni Schady 1906    
KLEINMANN Nochem Chatia 1906 20y  
KLIPP Feiwel Chudy, Russia 1907 30y  
KLOTZ Peissach Schatti 1905 28y  
KNIE Shnul Czadoh 1904 19y  
KOLMER Hirsch Schatz, Russia 1907 19y  
KOMOD Beile Sad, Russia 1911 20y  
KOOPOWITZ Samuel East London, South Africa 1920 32y born Shat
KOPOWITZ Joseph South Africa, East London 1915 27y born Shat
KORKLIAN Hesel Schadt, Russia 1913 42y  
KORKLIAN Siate Schadt, Russia 1913 3y  
KRAISZ Jeronim N. Jda 1903 18y  
KREMER Hirsche Schat 1906 19y  
KRISTAL Moische Schito... 1903 21y  
KUPOWETZ Elja Sol, Russia 1912 16y

 from Shat

KUPOWETZ Reiza Sol, Russia 1912 50y

 from Shat

KURLANCZYK Dawid Szaty, Russia 1908 18y  
KURLANDZIK Scheine Sad, Russia 1911 20y  
KURLANDZYK Arie Szati 1905 52y  
KURLANDZYK Feige Szati 1905 53y  
KURLAUSKI Boruch Lehaty, Russia 1912 21y surname should be KURLANSKY from Shaty
KURTZMANN Hirsch Siadi, Austria 1911 17y  
KURZMAN Welwel Sad, Russia 1910 19y  
KURZMANN Azriel Sjady 1904 20y  
KURZMANN Chane Siady 1906 18y  
KUTOWITZ Josef Side, 1904 20y  
LAIZA Marie Shota, Austria 1912 25y  
LANN Morris Schad 1904 18y  
LANRITZ Simon Zaeta 1905 26y  
LEE ZEBEL Chaje Syadi 1905 20y  
LEVIN Abe Schat, Russia 1913 9y  
LEVIN Mese Schat, Russia 1913 13y  
LEVIN Rasche Schat, Russia 1913 46y  
LEVIN Sore Schat, Russia 1913 7y  
LEWIN Chaic Szaty 1904 19y

should be Chaia

LEWIN Heni Seath, Russia 1908 16y  
LEWIN Lowel Siede, Russia 1908 18y  
LEWIN Moische Schatz 1906 18y  
LEWINSOHN David Schot 1902 43y  
LEWINSOHN Feye Schot 1902 9y  
LEWINSOHN Jossel Schot 1902 27y  
LEWIZKI Aron Jide 1906 18y  
LIN Grete Syda 1899 31y  
LIN Jonkel Syda 1899 3y  
LIN Mihle Syda 1899 2y  
LIN Pesse Syda 1899 8y  
LINDERFELD Margit N. Leta or Zeta 1906 2y  
LINDERFELD Serene N. Leta or Zeta 1906 26y  
LISON Eisig Schatt, Russia 1906 31y  
LOLOK Abel Schoth, Russia 1910 20y surname should be SOLOK
MAGEN Fasbuc Sad, Russia 1913 18y  
MARKOWITZ Chatzkel Szid... 1906 24y  
MARKUNSKY Chaie Saty 1906 21y  
MARKUNSKY Israel Saty 1906 20y  
MARKUNSKY Pine Sad, Russia 1909 19y  
MARKUNSKY Rubiz Schaty, Russia 1911 19y

name should be Rubin

MASLO Schimen Jude 1903 23y


MAZON Breine Schaty 1904 18y  
MAZURSZKY Metyl Csot, Hungary 1922 27y  
MEISCH Schoel Sody, Russia 1910 27y  
MEISEROWITZ Efram Schat, Russia 1909 5y  
MEISEROWITZ Frade Schat, Russia 1909 28y  
MEISEROWITZ Reise Schat, Russia 1909 4y  
MENDEL Jilof Sudy, Russia 1923 27y  
MESLOWICZ Tasks Cety 1906 16y  
MESSJE Beno Szady, Russia 1908 18y  
MICHELSOHN Jankel Set... 1906 20y  
MILL Jossel Siady, Russia 1911 18y  
MILLNER Chane Dwave Schat, Russia 1911 17y  
MILLNER Leizer Schat, Russia 1911 20y  
MILREOF Freide Sida, Wilna 1907 30y  
MILREOF Moiscy Sida, Wilna 1907 8y  
MOFSCHONVITY Moses Schady 1906 17y surname should be MOFSCHONVITZ
MOFSCHONVITZ Zine Schady 1906 20y  
MONDOLOWITZ Samuel Sjad 1905 28y  
MOSHAKO Alexandra Chotiey, Russia 1913 23y  
MOWSCHOWICZ Schuml Schad 1905 22y  
MYSONDZNIK ...ische Zyt... 1906 20y  
NEKRACH Sigmund Jute, Russia 1904 26y  
NEUMARK Israel Siady, Russia 1912 18y  
NISNE... Aron Sied... 1906 23y  
NOCHIMOWSKY Berl Sida, Russia 1906 3y  
NOCHIMOWSKY Riwe Sida, Russia 1906 6y  
NOCHIMOWSKY Rodel Sida, Russia 1906 30y  
OKLANSKI Boruch Schaidi, Russia 1910 45y  
OKLANSKI Boruch Schaidi, Russia 1910 45y  
OKS Chance Czuduo, Russia 1913 26y  
OLSWANG Rochel Chudy, Russia 1907 17y  
OPIN Chatzkel Siady, Russia 1912 21y  
ORENSTEIN Udsch Sody, Russia 1910 36y  
OSHEROWITZ Srol Czity, Russia 1912 46y  
OSZEROWICZ Hene Schatz 1905 23y  
OSZEROWICZ Salmen Schatz 1905 10y  
OSZEROWICZ Samuel Schatz 1905 8y  
PACZONINK OR PACZOMUK Aron Russia Chut 1912 35y  
PAGELOWICZ Scheine Schaty 1905 22 y  
PAIKIN Une Shad, Russia 1908 27y  
PAIKIN Zipe Shad, Russia 1908 20y  
PARNETTZ Jozsel Jud...a 1904 18y  
PEISSACHOW Schimen Schady, Russia 1909 24y  
PERELMAN Meyer Schuady, Lithuan 1921 18y  
PESIS Chaja Cszd. Poland 1921 12y  
PESIS Dina Cszd. Poland 1921 9y  
PESIS Sura Cszd. Poland 1921 37y  
PEWSNER Michel Sady, Russia 1913 27y  
PIOVORKIN Elke Seddy 1906 28y  
PIVORKIN Chaim Seddy 1906 3y  
PLON Sisel Zat..., Russia 1913 17y  
PLUMIANSKY Sure Chaty, Russia 1907 18y surname should be PLUNGIANSKY
PLUNGIANSKI Nechame Etel Schat, Russia 1911 18y  
PODOLSKI Elic Sida 1904 32y

should be Elia

PRESS Beila Sjady, Lithuan 1921 20y  
PRESS Ftzko Siady 1904 33y

should be Itzko

PRESS Itzik Schady, Russia 1911 40y  
PRESS Itzik Sjady, Lithuan 1921 18y  
PRESS Sure Szady, Russia 1913 17y  
PRESS Yankel Siady 1906 45y  
RABINOWICZ Schumel Kowno 1905 47y born Shat; name on ship record is Schmuel; should be Shmuel
RABINOWITZ Abrom Jide 1904 34y  
RABINOWITZ Chaine Schaad 1906 25y  
RALINOWEK Jessel S...eth 1906 42y  
RANDMANN Finkel Sad, Russia 1907 16y  
RANDMANN Rinkel Sad, Russia 1907 18y  
REBINAWIG Blenic Cody, Russia 1913 52y  
REIFOSTEIN Gerschon Schaty 1902 42y  
REIKNE Joznkal Schad....., Russia 1906 35y  
REIZELMAN Mottel Shut, Russia 1912 20y  
REMBOW Rikel Jude 1905 20y  
RESS Bere Said, Russia 1908 10y  
RESS Moritz Said, Russia 1908 43y  
RIBBICOFF Terisch Zeto... 1905 36y  
ROGELSKY Asnel Szoty 1904 9y  
ROGELSKY Chance Szoty 1904 11m  
ROGELSKY Dobre Szoty 1904 8y  
ROGELSKY Sheine Szoty 1904 7y  
ROGOLSKY Basche Szoty 1904 42y  
ROGOLSKY Chanie Szoty 1904 5y  
ROGOLSKY Jente Szoty 1904 14y  
ROGOLSKY Leie Szoty 1904 11y  
ROGOLSKY Reise Szoty 1904 16y  
ROITMANN Mordche Schotin 1904 30y  
ROSENBERG Eszti A. Szauto 1904 17y  
ROZ Leibe Choty, Russia 1909 18y  
ROZ Sure Choty, Russia 1909 21y  
RUBIN Ester Szaty 1906 17y  
RURLANSKY Michal Schat, Russia 1913 20y surname should be KURLANSKY
SADINSKY Scholem Schat (Kouno) 1905 18y  
SAFRAN Mones Jode 1906 37y  
SAKS Anna Sjady, russia 1907 19y  
SALANYANSKY Sore Zjida 1903 18y  
SANDLER Chasse Sada, Russia 1911 23y  
SCHACHTER Alter Choty... 1906 19y  
SCHALINAN Mapda Shudy, Russia 1912 10y  
SCHAPERO Jtzig Cita 1904 33y  
SCHAPIRO Aron Czita, Russia 1912 47y  
SCHAPIRO Josel Siadi 1906 19y  
SCHAPIRO Tanbe Schady, Russia 1909 23y  
SCHAPSE Liebe Jude 1905 20y  
SCHECHTER Sarah Jude 1905 18y  
SCHEIKAWIT Juvie Shoid, Russia 1914 22y  
SCHELUFUSKY Jael Sida 1903 34y  
SCHENDLING Rochel Schidi 1906 55y  
SCHENDLING Slatr Schidi 1906 23y  
SCHEPPING Zipe Schad, Russia 1907 18y  
SCHER Itre Siady, Russia 1912 21y  
SCHIFF Moses Szady, Russia 1908 17y  
SCHLAPOK Esther Zida, Russia 1913 23y  
SCHLAPOK Matke Zida, Russia 1913 3y 6m  
SCHMID Felge Schad, Russia 1908 16y  
SCHMIDT Benzil Sad 1903 18y  
SCHMIDT Chave Schuady, Lithuan 1921 60y  
SCHMIDT Sore Schuady, Lithuan 1921 19y  
SCHNEIDER Moses Schatz 1906 25y  
SCHOER Yette Siady 1906 20y  
SCHRAGER Golde Choty... 1906 11m  
SCHRAGER Ruchel Choty... 1906 24y  
SCHULINAN Buce Shudy, Russia 1912 18y  
SCHVAUENFELD Jakob Jatt, Poland 1921 20y  
SCHWALB Chain Jade 1904 23y  
SCHWARTZ Wolf Szatt, Russia 1907 21y  
SCHWARZ Abram Ch...te, Russia 1906 28y  
SCHWEIGER Szed... 1902 9y 6m  
SCHWEIGER Helene Szed... 1902 13y  
SEGAL Josef Chyde, Russia 1907 2y  
SEGAL Pesche Chyde, Russia 1907 30y  
SEHNEIDT Hirsch Shat 1906 19y

surname SCHNEID?

SELESNAK Dwosche Chite, Russia 1909 23y  
SELESNAK Fossel Chite, Russia 1909 17y  
SHROLEISCH Itzcko Zod... 1906 26y  
SILBERT Moses Sady 1904 21y  
SLPVAK Janko Sid 1903 23y  
SOKOL Dweire Zaody 1906 22y  
SORDON Jechiel Schatz 1903 65y surname most likely GORDON
SORDON Noah Schatz 1903 18y surname most likely GORDON
SPAKAINY Anna Shida 1906 20y  
SPAKAINY Markus Shida 1906 23y  
SPINDEL Anetta Judia 1914 17 y  
SPITZ Mendel Szad, Russia 1910 19y  
SROG Chaim Siady, Lithuan. 1921 65y  
SROG Hirsch Chad, Russia 1907 18y  
SROG Jda Siady, Lithuan. 1921 28y  
STOCKLER Leiser Shat, Russia 1906 17y  
STRAUS Ore Siady 1902 18y  
STROM Abram Schadtz 1904 21y from Shat
STROM Honach Schat, Russia 1911 19y  
SUSSLACH Isac Cdiy 1903 16y  
SUSSMAN Moses Seth... 1904 23y  
SWIRANSKI Moische Czita, Russia 1908 23y  
SWISTUN Beile Schatz, Russia 1907 35y  
SWISTUN Welmele Schatz, Russia 1907 2y 6m  
SZULMANN Ylser Shudy 1905 15y  
TAIC Bete Schudy, Lithuania 1922 20y  
TELEFUS Czarusi Chotyu, Russia 1907 18y  
TELEFUS Juda Chotyu, Russia 1907 9y  
TELEFUS Lure Chotyu, Russia 1907 50y  
TIGDOLL Zirrea Szit..., Russia 1907 17y  
TINSCHOFF Rochel Siddy, Russia 1909 19y  
TURZIN Nochem Schotz, Russia 1904 26y  
UMENZONI Hraham Schady 1906 30y  
URDAUG Chaje Siad, Russia 1912 19y  
USWALK Morris Sad, Russia 1909 19y  
USWOLK Sore Schaty 1904 28y  
USWOLK Zodek Schaty 1904 3y 6m  
VYNES Amalie Schjadi, Russia 1907 19y  
WAGNER Albertine Dziady, Russia 1908 18y  
WAGNER Amalie Dziady, Russia 1908 19y  
WASSIHIEFF Ynokento Tschita, Russia 1908 22y  
WEIN Jankel Sidy, Russia 1912 28y  
WEINER Mesche Siady, Russia 1912 17y  
WEINER Nesche Siady, Russia 1912 17y  
WEINGAST Schaie Shata 1904 18y  
WIESE Harry Schatze 1904 16y  
WINKLE Roza Csoth 1904 14y  
WOLF P... Sody, Russia 1910 22y  
WOOSBACH Sch... Jad... 1904 26y  
WULF Rifke Szad, Russia 1913 20y  
ZACHOTZKI Benzel Szat, Russia 1913 18y  
ZANGWILL Sore Seta, Lithuania 1922 47y  
ZELEZNIAK Riwke Chyta, Russia 1910 18y  
ZELEZNIAK Thama Chuta, Russia 1913 25y  
ZISKIND Gite Sjady, Russia 1914 22y  
ZUMELFUGEL Kale Sidia, Russia 1907 21y ZUMELFEIGEL on ship record; should be ZUMERFOGEL

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