Seta Beit HaMidrash

The Beit HaMidrash (house of study) in Seta was part of a larger building complex including a synagogue to its left. Unfortunately the Seta synagogue was destroyed and only the Beit HaMidrash is still standing. It is in a dilapidated condition, is all boarded up and entry is not possible. The Beit HaMidrash and the Seta Jewish Cemetery now devoid of its tombstones are sadly the only remaining vestiges of Seta's illustrious Jewish past.

Click here to see what the Beit HaMidrash and synagogue looked like in 1937

Karte des Westlichen Russlands
Arrow pointing to location of the synagogue/Beit HaMidrash complex.

animation Karte des Westlichen Russlands
The location of the synagogue symbol on the 1911 Karte des Westlichen Russlands map is #133 on the 1922 list of Seta property owners. This begs the question as to whether #133 was still used as a worship building in 1922 in addition to the much more prominent (and newer) one at #87 or whether the map makers didn't have updated information for all the thousands of towns they were showing.
Beit HaMidrash
Beit HaMidrash Beit HaMidrash
Beit HaMidrash Beit HaMidrash

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